A Sexless Relationship – Can It Ever Work?

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Relationship means love and affection as well as physical closeness. Hugs, kisses, sex – all this is part of most partnerships. But what if something important was missing, and that was sex? Do couples voluntarily give up “the most beautiful thing in the world” or are there other reasons why some people have a sexless relationship? Is there an opportunity for such a relationship?

Sex is perhaps the most intimate thing two people can share. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, it still causes a lot of tingling and that’s exactly what makes sex the cornerstone of a long relationship for many. That’s why some people find it incomprehensible that a relationship without sex can work. So what are the reasons couples choose not to have sex?

A sexual relationship – why?

#1 Hardly any desire for physical closeness

Teamwork, cuddles, kisses, and more – this is a “must-have” for many couples. But there are those for whom physical proximity is not so important. They do not feel that this romantic coexistence is necessary and place more value on the emotional bond with their partner. This does not mean that couples who do not have sex do not kiss or cuddle. They don’t feel the need to share more physical closeness. People who have a point of view about sex are also called asexual a certain.

#2 Shame

It takes a lot of courage to become so intimate with each other, because first sex often happens early in a relationship. At this time is The trust between two people is still very shaken, is not very clear and therefore very brittle. So giving yourself to your partner is not that easy. Anyone who may also feel discomfort in their own skin finds it difficult to open up. For some, this extends to a fear of sex. This could also be due to the unrealistic depictions of sexual intercourse in pornography, as it is not uncommon for some to fear not being able to meet these supposed requirements.

#3 Habit

The partner’s lust increases immeasurably at the beginning of the relationship. But couples who have been together for many years reach many other milestones over time. He often performs home, children, and many other things That the couple focus on other things. From time to time, sex in a relationship takes a back seat. But what is sometimes just a short phase can last for months and sometimes years for some couples.

Can a relationship work without sex?

The question often arises for those for whom sex is an integral part of their relationships. If the most beautiful thing in the world was a part of the partnership, it’s hard to imagine that it could work without it. But there are relationships that function without that kind of closeness to a partner. As mentioned earlier, there are people who are commonly referred to as asexuals. It is not uncommon for there to be relationships in which both partners live according to this form of sex. However, it becomes difficult If one of the partners desperately yearns for sex. There can be problems in these relationships after a while when you have to decide if you should not have sex with the other person for too long.

Other partnerships even lead to an open relationship in this respect, such that one of the partners can pursue their needs in a certain way. Then there are relationships in which sex disappears and is neglected after many years. In such cases, both partners are often dissatisfied with the situation and suffer from the non-sexual relationship. If both parties do not act on it at this point, the relationship can break up.

How do you bring sex back into a relationship?

Anyone who no longer has unintended sex in a relationship plays with a variety of ideas on how to solve this problem. Sexual activation in a relationship works on the one hand through communication. Spouses do not always address this problem. Talking to each other and expressing concerns about it can become a problem. For other couples, it is becoming more and more clear that go-to couples therapy can be a good way to get that kind of love back into the partnership.

So if there is no sex (anymore) in the relationship, that doesn’t always mean the relationship is doomed. Every couple lives by their own rules, and sometimes that kind of distance is just part of the equation. This may seem incomprehensible to others, but it is something very special to the couple involved. And if there hasn’t been sex for a while, you should always make it clear: You can get the sex back!

Some relationships break up due to lack of sex or other reasons. In any case, one thing remains: the disease of love. In the Video See what psychologists advise you if you want to overcome this pain more easily.

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