Asia’s Entry Regulations Relaxed: Vacations in Bali, Mauritius, India and Seychelles

Destinations like Bali now invite you to discover them again.

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More and more Asian countries and destinations in the Indian Ocean are opening their borders to tourism. We provide an overview of what these are and what is required to enter.

In the past couple of years, it hasn’t been hard to think of vacations in Asia. Many countries have closed their borders to tourists during the pandemic. And many other travel destinations in the Indian Ocean felt the same way. But slowly there is light at the end of the tunnel. Little by little, many of the dream destinations are relaxing their entry requirements and looking forward to welcoming travelers again.

Here is a selection of destinations in Asia and the Indian Ocean, which can be traveled to again soon or immediately:

Entry regulations for destinations can change constantly. It is therefore advisable to know the current conditions before planning a trip. It can be found on the websites of official tourism authorities, airlines and travel agencies.


A different way to enjoy the view in Bali.

A different way to enjoy the view in Bali.

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For vaccinated travelers: On the Indonesian island of Bali, travelers who received the double vaccination have been able to go on vacation again since March 7. In total, three PCR tests should be performed. The first must be done 48 hours before boarding, the second on the day of arrival and the last on the third day in Bali. In addition, a hotel reservation of at least three nights must be presented upon entry. Travelers from Switzerland must also apply for a visa in advance in order to be able to enter the country.


Pure India: Majestic Palaces and a Country Rich in History.

Pure India: Majestic Palaces and a Country Rich in History.

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For vaccinated travelers: International air travel in India is expected to fully resume from March 27. The 3G rule applies to entry into India, i.e. fully vaccinated or recovered tourists can visit the country.

For unvaccinated travelers: Anyone who has not been vaccinated must be able to demonstrate a negative PCR test result no later than 72 hours on entry.

Mandatory for all: Also within 72 hours prior to entry, a health status form must be filled out and documents such as a passport, proof of vaccination or test results uploaded.


Mauritius fascinates with its endless beaches and lush greenery.

Mauritius fascinates with its endless beaches and lush greenery.

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For vaccinated travelers: Paradise in the Indian Ocean attracts not only with dream beaches, but also with less strict entry rules. Until now, incoming visitors had to present a negative PCR test upon entry. Since March 12, a rapid antigen test, which travelers take on their arrival, has been sufficient. Vaccinated travelers are free to explore the island if they test negative.

For unvaccinated travelers: Those who have not been vaccinated must self-isolate in the accommodation of their choice for seven days. After that, an additional test is not necessary to be able to move freely on the island.

Mandatory for all: In addition to filling out a health form, everyone must have compulsory health insurance against Corona.


The Seychelles looks like it's out of a picture book: clear turquoise waters and palm trees.

The Seychelles looks like it’s out of a picture book: clear turquoise waters and palm trees.

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For vaccinated travelers: As of March 15, travelers who have been fully vaccinated or who have recently recovered are no longer required to submit a PCR test upon entry to the Seychelles. The following should be taken into account: the second vaccination should be no more than six months old, and a booster vaccination is also mandatory. Two doses of the vaccine are sufficient for travelers aged 12-18 years. Anyone who contracted coronavirus between two and twelve weeks prior to the trip and can establish this with confirmation from a doctor is considered to have recently recovered. Children up to the age of twelve do not have to take a test.

For unvaccinated travelers: Unvaccinated guests can choose between a PCR test or an antigen test. The former should be conducted no more than 72 hours, and the latter no more than 24 hours before departure.

Mandatory for all: All travelers must fill out a form and obtain travel and health insurance, which covers any costs related to contracting with Covid. Accommodation in Seychelles is only possible in approved accommodation.

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Which destination do you like to travel to the most?

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