Austrian FA Cup: Salzburg bows to Wydad after the exciting semi-final match

After an early goal scored by Mateus Taverner (second) in front of 3,551 spectators at Lavantal Arena, Carinthians could have dreamed of reaching the first final. The “Joker” Benjamin Sisko (77) saved the “Bulls”, who were disappointing for long periods, in extra time, with Sisko the only “distinguished” red card in the 117th minute. In the penalty shootout, Christopher Wernitzning was the only player to let loose, Flip Kuhn passes the ball through the shaft. Red represents Salzburg’s final opponent in the final for the fourth time, in 1998 and 2011 they won two previous titles, in 2012 Salzburg was very strong.

The Wolfsbergers, with Jonathan Scherzer back in defense after a long injury, started like a shot. Michael Lendl didn’t hit from a good shooting position, but sent Taverner with a dream-hole pass, which slotted the ball into the net after 1:50 minutes from six metres. Salzburg looked completely insecure, did not calm down from the match and was lucky that he did not delay further. Cohen had the ball and took steps towards goal but kept the ball in front. Without goal-line technology, there was no way to tell if the faux leather was behind the line (7′). Two minutes later, Dario Weisinger missed an overhead kick.

Early WAC leadership by Taferner

Matthews Taverner gave the hosts the lead in the second minute.

Wydad dominated Salzburg from the start

Aside from the chances in the early stages, Wydad had a series of corner kicks and the visitors were not allowed into the match at all, even with an aggressive look. It’s been a long time since the “bulls” were harmless nationally, and there wasn’t much chance in the first half. In addition, first striker Karim Adeyemi was eliminated early due to a muscle injury in his right hind thigh, which is why Noah Okafor was replaced earlier than planned since the 19th minute.

After the restart, the Wolfsbergers were eager to take the lead. Salzburg was forced to do more for the game, but encountered an unusual number of problems and few ideas at first. The characteristics of the game changed only when Maurits Kiergaard and especially Cisko were brought in in the 63rd minute. Suddenly, coach Matthias Gisley’s side also became dangerous in the end. Cisco put the ball over her from a difficult angle after Olmer’s cross (63′) and rolled the ball away from the far corner (69′). Opportunity number three led to success. Rasmus Christensen directed a wide pass to Seewald and headed in the middle, which Cisco confidently completed after a turn.

Cisco scores to equal

Salzburg’s efforts were rewarded in the 77th minute, and Benjamin Cisco equalized.

Wernitznig fails from a neurological point of view

As a result, the open end developed, but no more goals were scored, not even in extra time, as Aaronson’s slant shot (98) and Peretz’s shot (109th place) were dangerous. Salzburg ended the match with ten men, as Peretz of Cisco Wolfsberg hit a high shot in the back and Marcus Hammer saved it. In the penalty shootout, Salzburg shooters switched to bomb-resistant material, while nerves played a role in Wydad. Forgive Wernitzning, Dominic Baumgartner and Lendl were also lucky.

WAC also lost its third cup semi-final (after 2015 and 2021). It was supposed to happen on the 2nd of March, but was postponed due to the misery of Salzburg at the time. The two teams meet again on Sunday in Wolfsburg in the league.

Comments about the game:

Matthew Gisley (Salzburg coach): “It’s the cup, I’ve known it since my playing days, and now I had the chance to experience it as a coach for the first time, it was a typical cup night. We were ready for what could happen, it was a tough fight until the last minute. Fortunately we won a bit. From the penalty shootout. I’m proud of the team the guys in particular had the courage to compete and they all did the job with flying colors. We just haven’t reached 100 percent yet, I guess you can tell, there’s still a shortage of a player. We don’t want to use That’s as an excuse at all, of course we have the right to make things better, but that’s not an order of course.”

Robin Dot (Wydad coach): “It’s not easy to analyze it because the disappointment is too big. A lot of what we came up with worked. We made a really good start with very strong pressure, after winning the ball, we played very well in the position and also played with a very focused goal. Unbelievable. We were always able to respond to every stage of pressure from Salzburg. Unfortunately, we made a mistake about 20 minutes before the end. Penalties are always a matter of luck, and the penalty is decisive. If we wish we would have lost the match 4-0 after 90 minutes. So It seems even more bitter after all.”

Uniqa ÖFB Cup, Semi-Final


WAC – Salzburg 1:1 (1:0/1:1) A.E. , 4: 5 i. e

Wolfsburg, Lavantal Arena, SR Hammer

target sequence:
1: 0 Taferner (second)
1-1 Cisco (77 minutes)

1: 0 – Leitgeb . results
1-1 – Christensen scores
1: 1 – Wernitznig failed
1-2- Degrees of Akavour
2:2 – Peretz Points
2-3- Kjaergaard scores
3:3 – Baumgartner scores
3-4 – Aaronson scores
4:4 – Lindell degrees
4:5 – Solitaire Results

WAC: Koffler – Novak, Baumgartner, Didek, Scherzer (100 / Wernitznig) – Peretz, Littgep, Lindell, Taverner-Rocher (73 / Baribou / 119 Spangler), Weisinger (90 / Veraching)

Salzburg: Kuhn – Christensen, Solette, Whopper, Ulmer (106 / Bernardo) – Sochik (63 / Kiergaard), N Seewald, Aaronson, Capaldo (106 / Bernedi) – Adeyemi (19 / Okafor), Adamu (63/ Cisco)

Red card: Cisco (117’/Fault)

Yellow cards: Peretz, Verachnig, Taverner and Kejjargaard

Best: Taferner, Liendl, Leitgeb, Kristensen, Aaronson, Sesko

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