Börse Express – Alpha Metaverse Technologies announces entry into Play-to-Earn Games; Partnership with BetU ICO Corp

alpha Metaverse Technologies And thesecond abbreviation Beto ICO . company You will work together to increase the user base of alpha in thousands wide

Vancouver, British Columbia (March 2022)-alpha Metaverse Technologies Company (CSE: ALPA) (FSE: 9ENT)And the (OTC PINK: APETF) (alpha aenthe correct who – which company), Technology company focusing on emerging markets in fields He. Sheports, portable games, eComerce, blockchain, for high growth opportunities Focused, proud to expand play-toearn-space Across partnership with Beto ICO Corp (“BETU”), playtoearnadvertising platform.

BETU is a playtoearn-sports and He. Sheports prediction game, powered by the BETU token. the playtoearnpredictor It is a free game for everyone Owner BET code. Users must have one prediction They do and if they get it right, they can earn rewards.

BETU is offered to all paying Alpha subscribers (GamerzArena+) Save 10 points per week for two weeks for BETUgametoearn to play why GamerzArena+ one subscriber Extra added value Represent. First 1000 new devices GamerzArena+Users receive 100 BETUCode plus 10 points per week for ordering for four weeks The gametoearn program by BETU to play. BETU pays a commission of 100 BETUSymbols to alpha per alphan1,000 BETU or moreDeposit or buy tokens.

“He. She we are very happyTo work with the Alpha Metaverse because the team has brilliant know about He. Sheports and to me metaverseAnd theAbout Me Pee RogacheExecutive Director From Beto ICO Corp. “We are looking forward totoearn-Model on He. SheHarbors-Platforms from Alpha atoto drive Attract users to membership with BETU token rewards.

“game-toearn Developed into a global market that continuesthere growing, and upon the announcement of this partnership, Alpha is poised to play a leading role intoearn-Area to take chargeAbout Me Brian WellniveCEO of Alpha. “The BETU partnership allows us to upgrade our subscription model by offering our users more ways to play..

About Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. It is a technology company focused on emerging fields esportsand mobile gaming, e-commerce and other high-growth opportunities. Through a strong combination of technology assets and products such as GamerzArena Alpha Metaverse Technologies wants to make modern gaming platforms attractive to the masses. You can learn more at www.alphametaverse.com.


Investor Relations: [email protected] – 604359 1256

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In the Names From directors group

Brian Wellnive

Chief Executive Officer

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