Bundesliga catch-up match: Dortmund’s victories: BVB’s victory over Mainz – Rose and Haaland discuss future

The Belgian scored the winning goal in the 87th minute in a 1-0 win (0-0) on the FSV Mainz 05 racket, which was plagued by Corona, and thus replaced Marco Rose’s team after a poor performance. With the latest simplification in the 1-0 win over Armenia Bielefeld and now in Mainz, Dortmund are back on track before the eyes of national team coach Hansi Flick and DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.

Outstanding striker Erling Haaland was only replaced again after a broken injury. The Norwegian is still far from his festive form of the season so far, as evidenced by his catch-up match. Mainz defied external conditions after a two-week break due to Corona, but was not rewarded with a draw in front of 25,000 spectators. This was Mainz’s first home defeat since October last year.

At the unusual time of the Bundesliga on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm, there was a duel that both teams would have liked to play on a different date. The people of Mainz, because most of them were newly arrived from quarantine after 20 cases of corona (14 active people). Dortmund, because they had already planned for the Europa League date on Thursday before failing at Glasgow Rangers a few weeks ago and carelessly wasting their next title chance after the FA Cup and Champions League.

Without the sick Marco Reus and without Mats Hummels – Rose spoke of an “oppressive feeling in the chest” after contracting corona

– And in the beginning without the scorer Haaland, BVB achieved in the first half

Not a good number at all. In the absence of so many regular players, they lacked not only speed and ideas, but also the penetrating power needed to pose serious problems to the homers at all.

The 50-meter single by Anton Stach of Mainz (16th place) created more surprise than Borussia did in the entire first 45 minutes. Stach was stopped only by Emre Can, who built in front of the BVB fans’ curve after a brilliant tackle and was celebrated. Jonathan Burkhardt (27) got another good chance for Rheinhesen, but it was a goalless tie before the break. Instead, there was only a quarrel and a lot of hustle and bustle, but referee Sacha Stegmann refrained from more dire consequences.

After the break, the picture at first was the same: Dortmund looked discouraged, Stach’s shot (51) went far from the long goal corner after a well-developed corner kick. Rose then brought in his best striker Haaland in place of Marius Wolff, it was a long-awaited replacement from a BVB point of view.

But Mainz attacked unimpressively, and Sylvain Widmer (60) and Karim Onisio (61) missed more chances for a potential lead. Robin Zentner saved Haaland’s first shot with relative ease (68). After that, not much happened – until Witsel scored shortly before the end and Julian Brant got a huge chance in five-minute stoppage time.

together as a team

The grueling 90 minutes at Borussia Dortmund were soon forgotten. They rated Al-Waer 1-0 (0-0) at Mainers Stadium, which has been hit hard by Corona, as a huge success and a sign of maturity in the BVB. Emre Chan said after his team lost the match on Wednesday night thanks to a late goal. A goal scored by Axel Witsel (87th minute), he won away from home and reduced the difference to four points against German champions Bayern Munich.

Captain Marco Reus? Missed due to illness. Chief Defense Mats Hummels? He was not there again after the corona infection. Super striker Erling Haaland? Replaced again, but not a factor after a long injury fracture. Head coach Marco Rose’s side endured these setbacks and, despite the poor performance, won for the second time in four days in a simple manner. The 1-0 win over Bielefeld was followed by another win in Mainz, in a catch-up match in the 25th round. Dortmund would like to play their third game 1-0 in a row on Sunday night (7.30pm / DAZN) at 1. FC Köln.

“We’re doing really well in the race. In terms of points, it’s tough,” said DAZN’s Rose. With 56 points from 26 games, the BVB maintains a connection with a weak Bayern of recent times, trading opponents such as rivals like Leverkusen and Leipzig are already separated by eleven and twelve points respectively. “Sometimes you can’t play good football, you just have to win,” said Belgian midfielder Witsel, who scored good goals after a free kick and saved the Brazilian League from a serious setback.

Mainz ran again for the first time after the coronavirus quarantine, 20 cases and two games canceled – and it showed a lot of morale. Sporting director Martin Schmidt also expressed his satisfaction with the brave performance in front of 25,000 spectators. “In the end, that lucky shot came in. It was actually going to be a tie,” Schmidt said. The goal now is to get more and more players out of quarantine into the squad. In addition, Alexander Hack and Dominic Kohr are expected to return on Saturday (3.30pm).

Rose and Haaland have an “open dialogue” about the future

Coach Marco Rose has confirmed a good exchange with internationally distinguished striker Erling Haaland over his future. “We have an open and good dialogue, but I still don’t know what he’s doing. We are very comfortable about this,” Rose said on Wednesday night after the 1-0 win over FSV Mainz 05, with Haaland again saying: “We have an open and good dialogue. Joker entered the game. The 21-year-old Norwegian is being treated by a number of top international clubs and his future after this summer is uncertain.

Rose previously worked with the Austrian striker. “I know him from Salzburg. He hasn’t changed. He’s still Erling. He’s a really star, and it’s not that easy. It’s good for him that he doesn’t read much,” the coach said. Haaland, who moved from RB Salzburg to Dortmund in January 2020, could leave BVB this summer thanks to a €75m exit clause.

Close duel or clear tension?: Dortmund and the disadvantages of fighting for the title

Marco Rose wasn’t quite reminiscent of the designer title hunter. After 90 minutes of football convulsions, the head coach of Borussia Dortmund did not feel much challenged in the direction of Bayern Munich, even if the difference of only four points is as small as it has been since the first half of the season. Instead, Rose was baffled when asked to answer two questions after the rugged 1-0 win over FSV Mainz 05: about his team’s playing weaknesses and about the championship battle. “Actually, the first question precludes the second,” Rose said. He had a laugh on his part.

Minutes earlier, youngsters Erling Haaland, Judd Bellingham and Giovanni Reina had looked like a determined, title-starved gang as they ran toward the curve with their arms raised and loudly celebrating. After two minimalistic victories against Bielefeld and in Mainz, the BVB is back as the last record champion, but he doesn’t look like a title contender at all at the moment. “There are always days when you don’t play well,” Emre Can said on Wednesday evening. “You have to work together as a team. Victory tastes very good.”

Indeed, the BVB is dragging all kinds of trouble into the upcoming international break, before which another mandatory win in 1. FC Köln should succeed on Sunday (7.30pm/DAZN). Captain Marco Reus and Mats Hummels have recently been absent due to illness, and star striker Haaland is still far from his best after a long hiatus. “He played 30 and 35 minutes, he’s getting better and better,” Rose said. It is hoped that the 21-year-old Norwegian will gradually regain his momentum after the international break.

So it was symptomatic that the frantic and dreary kick in Mainz was decided by a late record goal by Axel Witsel (87th minute). BVB didn’t have any chances. “We are happy with the win, because we were also able to increase the difference between the teams behind us,” said the match winner from Belgium. Eleven points ahead of Leverkusen and twelve over RB Leipzig are respectable points. But Dortmund is only measured by Bayern and the title – and the chances are not particularly good there.

“We didn’t miss the full number either,” Rose said, referring to Corona and seasonal diseases. “I must also commend my team: I won the second game in a row and kept a clean sheet.” The international layoff and unexpectedly early finish should help us enter the final phase of the season, at least in good standing in terms of personnel. Dortmund’s energy as the only hunter in Bavaria will depend largely on the vitality of Haaland and the return of key players such as Reus and Hummels or Rafael Guerrero.

Two stats speak clearly against Rose-Elf and for much of the apparent tension. First, the live duel that takes place in Munich at the end of April. The results of Dortmund’s last league at the Allianz Arena are: 2:4, 0:4, 0:5, 0:6, 1:4 and 1:5. The last time Borussia conceded less than four goals was in November 2014, when they lost 2 -1. W: In the last two seasons, 2019/20 (Dortmund) and 2020/21 (Leipzig), a Bayern player was four points behind after 26 games. In the end, Munich won both seasons with a very comfortable lead with 13 points.

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