Calcio in crisis of meaning: Juventus expelled from the Champions League

The 87th minute was being played at the Juventus Stadium, the match had just taken a fatal turn for the hosts, and the spirit was gone when the TV camera Andrea Agnelli grew up. The Juventus president, a scion of the illustrious royal family, pulled out a thin cigar and said, “I knew it,” she resigned with ominous omen. Agnelli recently looted his sympathy account, which wasn’t very rich anyway, with the idea of ​​the Europa League, but he stayed put because Agnelli stayed on.

Now he stood in the stands and watched his team, who are among the non-negotiable key players in his dream Superliga for the continent’s best player, once again fail in the Champions League Round of 16, for the third time in a row – against Villarreal, seventh in the league. Spaniard, 98 million euros of annual turnover.

In the end it was 0:3, and Gazzetta dello sport Boxing is entrusted as a resource for images appropriate to a “historic defeat”. She also said: “Knock on the chin, Juventus suddenly lay on the ground, and he fell like a boxer without any energy.” Anyone who likes to read the Italian football analogy in it is most welcome. Madama, as Juventini calls their old lady, was the last Italian club left in the competition. Among the top eight are three Spanish and three English teams, in addition to a German and a Portuguese team. But again not Italian. Twelve years have passed since Calcio won the pot, at that time it was Inter. Juventus’ last victory was more than 25 years ago.

The Italian league is slow and very tactical – and this is taking revenge in Europe

So there’s a lot of obscure debate material lumped together, and it’s also ominously intertwined with the questions being asked in Italy about the European champion. The Azores also completely collapsed after the staggering summer—so much so that in their plight they naturalized some South Americans to make up for their alleged weaknesses. The qualifiers for the World Championships are approaching in Qatar next week. The semi-final will be against North Macedonia, in Rome, and that should make sense. But what about Turkey or Portugal that you will play against next?

Heart for Villarreal: Pau Torres (centre) celebrates his goal.

(Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP)

Calcio, often seen in Italy as an all-around class, and the clubs and national team as a whole, is going through a thunderous phase of disappointment. He was also more competitive internationally, to put it as an understatement of goodwill. The National League, the premier league, employs many veterans who worship as they would for their entire career. Add to that a host of unassuming and anonymous foreign players blocking the path of the rising Italian youth. Relationship? 70 to 30 percent.

The Italian league is slow, at least slower than most similar leagues in Europe. Less physically, there is often a lack of tension and intensity. And of course Italian football is over-tactical, usually: the Azzurri, led by Roberto Mancini, were a refreshing exception, as the great Arrigo Sacchi now notes: “They played bravely, with a clear idea.” It was a miracle.

On the other hand, the match between Juventus and Villarreal was a good example of the old tradition of tactics. Although you must say: The first half was one of the best Torino has achieved this season. Reaching Dusan Vlahovic, something like a promise of the future PersonallyThe 22-year-old brought in for more than €80m has once again shown how much he can do with the ball once he has it – and that’s very rare. Juventus dominated for about an hour, creating chances, Vlahovic hit the ball from nowhere to the crossbar. But Valencia coach Unai Emery, so far with his clubs mainly dominating the European League, neutralized the opponent with an efficiency known from the Italians. Once Villarreal got the ball, he stopped the flow of the match. In the second half, both teams were trying hard not to lose the match.

Three shots on goal, three goals – Italian efficiency. Unfortunately for the discount

Until Emery brought in his best player, the just-recovered striker Gerard Moreno. And this Moreno only needed fifteen minutes to rewrite the plot: almost alone, with deep passes, with verticals. For 78 minutes, the Spaniards did not even make a shot on goal before the penalty shootout. 1:0 after seven minutes: 2-0. Five minutes later, when an Agnelli cigar had already been smoked, there was another penalty. 3-0 Three shots on goal, three goals – Italian efficiency.

So Juventus failed again very early, although everyone thought they were very lucky with a draw. Like last year, when Torino lost to FC Porto in the round of 16, or the year before, when they could not control Olympique Lyonnais. Villarreal, Porto, Lyon – they are all honest. But they are of course opponents who will have to erase the high profile image of Juventus and its president. Instead, they plunge Calcio into a crisis of meaning.

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