Community demolishes Youtuber’s house in Central Franconia

DrThe YouTube house “Drachenlord” in Central Franconia has been demolished. The mayor of Emskirchen, Sandra Winkelsbecht, said on Thursday that the demolition work has been going on since Wednesday and will definitely continue through Friday. This may finally bring peace to the village of Alchauerberg in the municipality of Emskirchen.

The 32-year-old YouTuber left the house he sold to the community at the end of February. Since then he’s been “officially homeless,” he says, posting videos to YouTube talking about his trip through Germany, nights in the car and a trip to Italy — and also describing that he keeps talking about his “haters.” Being harassed: “Of course, haters want to follow me across Germany, they call it a dragon hunt.”

After all, this is good news for the residents of the village of Altschauerberg with a population of 40, where the YouTuber used to live. Because until recently, “haters” would travel there every day to provoke a Youtuber – and then be happy about his proclivity. The police often had to go out several times a day. In many cases, the Dragon Lord became violent after mutual insults. In October, the District Court sentenced him to two years in prison without parole for aggravated assault and other criminal offenses. The prosecutor’s office and defense appealed, and on March 23, the Nuremberg Tribunal will hear the case.

Until then, the “dragon hunt” will likely continue: “haters” continue to post pictures of the Dragon Lord’s car and the hotels where he is said to have stayed. Calls to hack tires are also circulating on the Internet. In the blog, opponents detail where the victim of bullying is at the moment and then most likely begin actions to harm him. For example, Dragon Lord said in a video that the Haters had finished a storage room for him. “I have to outsource all my stuff there until day 20.” He is deprived of the opportunity to simply live his life.

On the “haters” blog it says: “Yes, but for that you have to turn off the webcam first!” If the haters continue like this, it won’t be long before I cut my wrist! YouTube put a warning before the video with the statement, but the haters continue.

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