Corona summit: Bouvier gives details of the rules in the state of Hesse

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After the Corona Summit, Volker Bouvier spoke about how to move forward with the rules and relax in Hesse. Live tape of the press conference.

Indicator summary: After the Prime Ministers Conference Hessen State Premier Volker Bouvier said in a live video link from Berlin to representatives of the press. At the meeting there was great agreement on one topic, but unfortunately not on the other, says Bouvier at the beginning of the press conference.

So the ministers showed themselves united on the subject of the Ukraine war. This applies to the context of war and to the need for immediate solidarity. So there was a broad consensus that this was an illegal war of aggression on the part of Russia.

Bouvier on the situation around Ukraine: it must be done better than in 2015

There was also great agreement to accept refugees from Ukraine. According to Bouvier, registration should be implemented better than it was in 2015. It is not only about the initial admission, but also about where people are. “Mothers and children must be taken out of gyms and shelters as quickly as possible,” Bouvier said. The Ministerial Conference also addressed the question of a possible distribution to States.

Even if people are reluctant to do so in this context, Bouvier said about the current refugee situation, the financial burden, especially on municipalities, should be discussed. The Inter-Federal Working Group will continue to work on this until the next meeting of ministers. According to Bouvier, the situation is likely to become more dramatic nowadays, even if he wishes to reverse it.

The second key point of the conference: Most of the Corona measures will remain in force in the state of Hesse

Bouvier considers the hotspot bill discussed at the conference impractical, neither from a legal nor a practical point of view. According to Bouvier, ministers at the conference agreed to seek a new amendment to the law in the summer. The Prime Minister of Hesse saw problems above all in the vague wording of the legal text. The basic formulas are not sufficiently defined. As an example, Bouvier cited: “There is a significant risk of the infection spreading dynamically.”

But the prime minister also sees an implementation problem here in practice. The law may be feasible for city states, but certainly not for non-urban states like Hesse, according to a politician from the Christian Democratic Union. With regard to the generally applicable Corona rules, Bouvier confirmed the previously announced transitional regulation of Hess. Accordingly, most Corona regulations in Hesse will continue to be in force until April 2. The only exceptions are:

  • Reducing the number of protesters.
  • Trace contacts of corona.
  • Contact restrictions for vaccinated people.

All other regulations will continue to apply, including the obligation to wear a mask.

Bouvier Live from Berlin: Here’s what the Prime Minister said at the press conference

+++ 6.12 pm: Tomorrow (18/03/2022) a Cabinet meeting will be held, at which the new rules of Hess will be determined. Bouvier also expressed his disappointment at the lack of agreement on the issue of Corona at today’s ministerial conference.

+++ 6.11 pm: In Hesse, there will be a temporary solution until April 2, according to Bouvier. This will be adopted tomorrow. Basically, the regulations will remain the same as before. The maximum number of people in events, as well as contact tracing, will not apply. Contact restrictions for vaccinated people will also be lifted.

All other regulations, such as the obligation to wear a mask, will remain in effect until April 2.

+++ 6.10 pm: the law According to Bouvier, hotspot regulations can be applied in city states, but not for non-city states like Hesse.

+++ 6.05 m: Corona was the second major topic at today’s conference. According to Bouvier, the hotspot regulations cannot currently be applied. As a result, it was agreed to target a new amendment to the law on the regulation of hotspots in the summer. According to Bouvier, there is widespread disagreement among countries about the Corona pandemic. The responsibility now lies with the federal government, Bouvier says. Bouvier criticizes the arbitrary wording of the law.

Live tape: Bouvier talks about the future of Ukrainian refugees

+++ 6 pm: In a joint working group, the issue of financing the reception of refugees will be discussed further until the next meeting of prime ministers of the federal states. It should be done better than it did in 2015, according to Bouvier.

+++ 5.55 pm: According to Bouvier, Silinsky’s speech affected him deeply. The president said that the reception of refugees from Ukraine should continue. “Mothers and children must be taken out of gyms and shelters as quickly as possible,” Bouvier said.

Update from Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 5:45 PM: The press conference begins. The floor was taken by Volker Bouvier from Berlin. There was a great deal of agreement on the subject of Ukraine. Not with the Corona issue, according to the minister in Hess.

Corona summit: Bouvier gives details of the rules in the state of Hesse

First report on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 3:12 pm: Frankfurt / Wiesbaden – Despite the high number of infections, corona measures * should be greatly eased. This was agreed upon by representatives of the federal government and state representatives at the last summit on February 16. So March 20 has been set as the deadline in which all in-depth requirements must fall.

Corona summit: Bouvier gives details of the rules in the state of Hesse

At the Corona Summit on Thursday (March 17, 2022), the prime ministers of the federal states will meet again with Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) and Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) to discuss how to proceed with the epidemic. Hessen State Premier Volker Bouvier is also participating. He will then hold a press conference at approximately 6.15pm on the specific procedures in his state. Once it starts, read all the details in our live tape.

Hessen State Prime Minister Volker Bouvier appeared before the press after the Corona Summit Thursday (17/03/2022). (archive photo)

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After the Corona Summit: Bouvier talks live about the rules in Hessen

Corona numbers are currently increasing in the state of Hesse. Then, before the summit, the State Chancellery of Hesse announced that the existing rules in Hesse* should remain in force for the most part until April 2nd. So initially there will be no so-called “Freedom Day”. So far, there have been many indications that all preventive measures could be rescinded as early as March 20, because the current version of the Federal Infection Protection Act expires on that day. However, the state is planning a transition, during which some relief from the coronavirus in Hesse should come before April. Bouvier will comment on this at the live press conference, among others.

Corona case numbers in the state of Hesse
Total reported cases of coronavirus 1,236,716 (+16,819)
death cases 9,455 (+23)
The occurrence of seven days 1212.9 (previous day: 1154.3) (+58.6)
Source: RKI (Status: 03/17/2022)

Live: Bouvier’s name rules for Hesse – these are the topics of the Corona Summit

Some state leaders are criticizing the change to the Infection Protection Act, including Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU). Given the number of coronavirus cases, he warned of a “blind journey”. At the recent summit meeting, some states had already called on the federal government to include a list of “low-threshold essential safeguards” in law even after previous safeguards expired on March 19. This includes, for example, the general obligation to wear masks in closed rooms, distance requirements and access restrictions under 2G or 3G.

On Wednesday (March 16, 2022) the Bundestag discussed changes to the law on protection against infection for the first time. The federal and state governments will deal with the matter again on March 17, but no new decisions are expected. According to the prime ministers conference preliminary agenda, it should not be limited to the corona pandemic only. The Ukraine war, the current development of energy prices and the energy transition will be among the topics of the tour. (as with dpa) * is an offer by IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rules: © Imago

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