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Status: 03/17/2022 2:30 PM

With the new Infection Protection Act, the federal government wants to drop most of the Corona rules. However, restrictions should be possible in the future through the hotspot rule – also in the whole of Lower Saxony.

The deputy head of the Corona Crisis Team in Lower Saxony, Claudia Schroeder, said on Thursday that the Federal Crisis Team had explicitly indicated that the hotspot rule could apply to the entire state. The rule can be used in the event of a dangerous type of virus or if hospitals are at risk of overload due to the high number of infections.

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Schultz: “Tools thrown in to contain the epidemic”

On Friday, the state government wants to introduce the new Corona regulation, which is supposed to be in effect from Saturday. This was adapted into the revised Federal Infection Protection Act, which will take effect Sunday. There is some fierce resistance to conscription in Lower Saxony. The new Infection Protection Act gives federal states a transitional period until April 2, when they can extend some previously applied Corona rules – this applies, among other things, to access restrictions for vaccinated, recovered and tested (3G) people, as well as mask commitment, distance and testing . The head of the crisis team, Heiger Schulz, said at the health committee that “initial measures that will still be allowed” are being used. According to Schulz, the new law will not only put essential tools for containing the Corona pandemic in the treasury, but will get rid of them away.

The limit of 25,000 viewers no longer applies

Connectivity limitations and capacity limitations in events will no longer be possible. In Lower Saxony, for example, football matches and other major events will be possible under second-generation conditions from Saturday without limiting the number of spectators. This comes from the draft of the new Corona law that the crisis team submitted to the Health Committee. Previously, there was a maximum viewership of 25,000 viewers. If the regulator voluntarily chooses 2G-Plus, the upper limit will not apply – but in closed rooms, there was a capacity limit of 75 percent, outdoors the capacity could be fully used.

Outdoor events without mask and distance

According to the draft regulation, distance and mask requirements will no longer apply to outdoor events. In closed-room events, on the other hand, an FFP2 mask must be worn, and distance requirements apply to more than 2,000 participants. If no more than 2,000 spectators participate in the event, the 3G rule can apply – in addition to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered, those who have been tested are also allowed.

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The topic of the infection protection law in the federal state talks

There is criticism of the draft revised Infection Protection Act from many federal states. Many consider the mitigation premature and want more control to keep the epidemic under control in the future. At the federal state meeting on Thursday, prime ministers will again discuss the controversial bill with Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD). The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stefan Weil (SPD) has repeatedly stressed that he is not very satisfied with the draft. Lower Saxony’s Economy Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU) also considered the decision “inappropriate” in light of the current infection situation, which is producing new highs every day. The Bundestag and Bundesrat are due to pass the new Infection Protection Law on Friday. It should be applied from Sunday.

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