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Being active and seeing a lot of the country and its people: These are important reasons why an increasing number of travelers are choosing to vacation by bike. In 2021, about four million people went on a bike tour. This is half a million more than it was in the first year of Corona 2020, but not as many as it was before the pandemic.

This is evidenced by the result of the analysis of the annual ADFC Cycling Club Tour, which has now been published. Another finding: the better the infrastructure, the more people will move around.

The analysis of the current cycle tour shows very clearly: Cycling is popular, especially when the quality of the bike paths is appropriate,” says Christian Zeller, Member of the Tourism Board of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission. Infrastructure plays a major role in the decision to go on a bike tour or a day trip.

35% more cyclists

More and more people are riding bicycles in their spare time. 42 million citizens went on at least a day trip by bike in 2021. That’s 11 million more than the previous year. Additionally, 24 percent of cyclists bought a new bike last year, and nearly half of new purchases were electric bikes.

Critical to 70 percent high road quality

According to a Cycle Tour analysis, quality of infrastructure is a focus when planning day trips: 70 percent of those surveyed said ease of navigating trails is critical to them when choosing a route, and 66 percent also appreciate good road safety. In comparison, attractions along the route (57 percent) and places to stop for refreshments (40 percent) are also important, but not as critical as the quality of the trail.

Infrastructure also plays a central role when planning multi-day bike trips: Roughly 70 percent pay close attention to road safety and appreciate the separate bike paths and small car traffic. The structural condition of the lanes also plays an important role for 66 percent of bike tourists. In contrast to day trips, tourist attraction is also of great importance to bike tours: 71 percent of those surveyed said they pay attention to sights along the way when planning their trip. And 61 percent would like bike-friendly accommodations along their route.

Phaser course the most popular travel destination

In addition to planning aspects, cycle tour analysis also collects the goals of bike tourists. Divided by region, Emsland/Osnabrcker Land particularly attracts cyclists, followed by the Baltic Sea coast Mecklenburg and the Lake Constance region. The Weser cycle tracks, the Elbe cycle track, and the main cycle track are the most traveled long cycle paths.

To experience the country and its people

Another novelty in the current analysis is the question of bike touring reasons. According to this, more than 80 percent of those surveyed appreciate the opportunity to learn a lot about the country and its people on bike tours. 67 percent would like to be active on vacation and therefore pedal. But the desire for an environmentally friendly means of travel (52 percent) and the opportunity to enhance one’s health (48 percent) are also cited as important motivators. Overall, the bike touring experience is very positive for a clear majority: 68 percent of those surveyed said they are planning another trip on two wheels next year.

Almost half of bike tourists use an e-bike

A notable increase is that 42 percent of those surveyed use an electric bike for their cycling holiday. This is ten percentage points more than the previous year. This finding enables the conclusion that the new e-bike will make vacations on two wheels more attractive: it enables many people to get active on vacation without overburdening themselves. More than 72 percent of e-bike users report that they now ride longer distances, and 53 percent report that they now also use their bikes in more demanding mountain areas.

Background for course travel analysis

ADFC Cycle Tour Analysis has been conducted annually since 1999 and is a national survey of the cycle tourism market in Germany. This year, nearly 10,300 German citizens took part in the survey with the support of the leading online specialist bike shop A bike trip is defined as a trip in which cycling is one of the main motives and includes at least three overnight stays.

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