Federal police prevent Spanish right-wing extremist from entering the country

DrFederal police at Frankfurt am Main airport have prevented a known right-wing Spanish extremist from entering the country. Officials said Thursday that the woman had a swastika flag and a Spanish copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in her bag, among other things. Officials said it could not be ruled out that she wanted to enter Germany on Tuesday because she was involved in far-right events.

During her interrogation, she denied the allegations. She brought with her science and other things from her personal interest in German history and because of her historical studies. The Federal Police is now investigating a 19-year-old woman on suspicion of spreading propaganda and using the signals of anti-constitutional organizations. She was returned to Madrid on Wednesday.

Practice the “third way”?

According to information from the magazine “Der Spiegel”, the woman is Isabel Peralta, leader of the Spanish group Bastion Frontale. Spanish media, citing police departments, also reported that the woman who stopped at the airport was Peralta.

According to a report in the Spanish daily El Periódico, Peralta maintains contacts with the far-right group Third Way. In the fall of 2021 in Düsseldorf, she received a ten-month training in advertising techniques.

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The Bastión Frontal group was formed about two years ago, at the beginning of the epidemic. According to “El País” newspaper, its members describe themselves as a “youth organization” that arose out of the lack of “avant-garde movements” on the far right. Bastión Frontal was founded in the San Blas area.

According to its own data, the group had about a hundred active members last year. On Twitter, about 4,000 users followed the group, which initially argued and mobilized primarily against underage immigrants. It also called for the abolition of the 1978 democratic constitution.

Spanish prosecutors began investigating Isabel Peralta, believed to be the leader of the group, in 2021. During a memorial service for the blue squad, which fought alongside the Wehrmacht, on February 13, 2021 at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid, she made anti-Semitic comments and said things like: “Our greatest duty is to defend Spain’s fight and fight for Europe which is now weak and being liquidated by the enemy. The enemy will always be the same, albeit with different masks: the Jew.”

The group also spread hate messages against LGBT people on social networks and threatened to kill security forces. Isabel Peralta and others are said to have called last April, according to information from the “El Español” online portal, when officials broke up an illegal party: “If you go in, we’ll kill you.” The security forces confiscated knives and machetes.

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