German Football League: BVB scores an important victory in Mainz

Status: 03/17/2022 00:29

The attack on Bayern Munich began: Borussia Dortmund was fortunate enough to win in the final stages of the catch-up match in the Bundesliga at Mainz 05.

With a 1-0 win (0-0) over Rheinheisen, Dortmund were able to reduce their seven-point deficit against Bayern to four. Mainz suffered with a late goal by Axel Witsel (87), but after a forced break for Corona since February 26, the team had to enter the match weak and without rhythm.

Axel Witsel allows BVB to celebrate late and makes the title fight exciting again

3/17/2022 12:30 AM

Expectations about the quality of this game can’t be particularly high – both teams have had many problems previously. A large part of the Mainz squad came from the Corona infection, as Mats Hummels and Marco Reus BVB lost key players completely. Erling Haaland, who recovered from a muscle injury, had to sit on the bench first.

Lots of struggle, severe muscle cramping

Accordingly, it was bumpy in Mainz’s park: a lot of fighting, a lot of cramping, and a little that drew game. BVB – with Judd Bellingham, Axel Witsel and Moe Dowd at HQ – tried to control the match, but was unsuccessful against the aggressive Mainers. Instead, the hosts sometimes took advantage of ball losses in Dortmund’s forward movement, making counterattack opportunities possible.

Which also led to the only obscure chances before the break: in the 27th minute, Jonathan Burckhardt failed from close range to Emre Can after Karim Onisio crossed from the right after a quick counter-attack. And in the 45th minute, Kevin Stoeger kicked a free kick from just 20 meters from the penalty area. Mo Dawood and Felix Paslak had Onisiwo knocked down in Mainz’s counterattack.

Haaland is coming, the boredom goes

The uninspiring kick – there was no other way to describe it – continued unabated in the second section. scary to look at. Until the 57th minute. Until Haaland came in the place of Marius Wolf. It looked as if the 22 players on the field were waiting for this moment to finally start playing. Suddenly the movement took effect, and suddenly scenes appeared in the goal area.

Mainz scored the first goal when Silvan Widmer failed in the 58th minute from close range to Serie A goalkeeper Gregor Copil. A minute later, Dortmund could not complain about an opponent’s penalty: Chan negligently pushed Onisyouw with his arms six meters from the goal before attempting to head the ball. Referee Sasha Stegmann did not blow the whistle.

BVB increases in the final stage, Witsel scores

In the 68th minute, Haaland also witnessed the first scene: from 15 meters he bounced in the direction of the short corner, but Mainz goalkeeper Robin Zentner was on the post. BVB was now superior – despite plenty of ball possession and stormy attacks, the clear hilarious picture remained. Even Witsel scored in the last stage: after a free kick from Giovanni Reina, he was right on the second post in the 87th minute and pushed inside to make the score 0-1.

The Belgian also celebrated with Bellingham, who was briefly knocked out in a header duel in the 76th minute with Niklas Tauer from Mainz. Both were treated on the field – Bellingham was even taken to the dressing room for further examination by BVB doctors. However, while replacing Tower, Bellingham turned inside and returned to the field and played the match until the end.

Mainz 05 will host Armenia Bielefeld on Saturday (18/03/2022). Dortmund plays at 1. FC Köln on Sunday at 6.30 pm.


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