Heartbeat final in extra time: Eintracht Frankfurt with a last-minute goal in the European League quarter-finals.

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Eintracht Frankfurt and Betis Seville were divided 1-1 in the second leg of the round of 16 of the European League. A special goal decides the match.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Betis Seville 1:1 (0:0)

Eintracht Frankfurt squad Trap – Tota, Hinterger, Ndika – Jackic, Su, Knauf, Kostik, Lindstrom, Kamada – Puri
Betis Seville lineup Rui Silva – Sabali, Pezzella, Bartra, Miranda – Rodriguez, Canales, Joaquin, N. Vicker, Aitor Roybal – Willian Jose
gates 0-1 Iglesias (90th minute), 1-1 Rodriguez (120th minute, goal score)
Rule Michael Oliver (England)

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End: the end! past! Eintracht Frankfurt reached the quarter-finals of the European League with a 1-1 draw in the second leg.

120 minutes: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 1: 1 into injury time! After a free kick, it is Rodriguez, who flies the ball from his shoulder into the net to become 1-1.

118 minutes: Hauge breaks through the penalty area, but free guest defenders are too much and can rectify the situation

115 minutes: Over and over again, a player with a muscle spasm lies on the floor. Looks like it’s going to be a penalty shootout.

112 minutes: Knauf rushes away from everyone and brazenly grabs from 16 meters in front of the opponent’s goal. Betis passes the next free kick to a corner.

109 min: Latte! Betis Sevilla almost went up to 0:2, but the crossbar blocked it after a header. Good luck to Eintracht!

106 minutes: Follow!

break: I stayed 15 minutes. If 0:1 remains, there will be penalties after 120 minutes.

102 minutes: Rodriguez sees Trapp too far from his goal and tries from distance, but the SBU goalkeeper dashes back in time.

99 minutes: Hogg dropped at 16 for the visitors, but that wasn’t enough for a penalty.

96 minutes: The game is now in a state of tension alone, and both teams seem extroverted.

91 minutes: Next is the extension.

End: Incredibly bitter for Eintracht Frankfurt, who conceded 0:1 in the last minute. He goes to work overtime.

90 minutes: Unbelievable! Betis Seville made the score 0-1 in the last minute of the original time! That would go to overtime! What a bitterness for loneliness!

87th minute: Betis suddenly got a chance, but Iglesias hit the ball and combed it completely over Kevin Trapp’s goal.

85 minutes: Eintracht defends well and does not allow any dangerous action by the guests. There is no sign of a final attack by Sevilla yet.

80 minutes: ten minutes left. With 0-0 Eintracht will be further. But this will be a very hot final stage, because Betis Sevilla will be going off and will try everything to get into overtime.

74 minutes: Betis Sevilla needs a goal and needs more attack. This creates space for Eintracht Frankfurt to confront. It remains an exciting affair!

71 minutes: It gets more and more difficult, Pezzella sees the next yellow card.

65 min: Now the opposite side has a huge chance, Kevin Trapp only scratches a dangerous header from the corner.

62nd minute: Eintracht presses half of the opponent. Koçek brings a free kick inside, and everyone misses the ball hitting the crossbar.

59 minutes: Kostic and Lindström take a short corner kick, Dane’s subsequent cross is blocked and SBU players immediately claim a handball, but it was all according to the rules.

55 minutes: In dire need, Martin Hinterger blocks Joaquin’s shot attempt. Calls of “Henti, Henty” immediately echoed across the Frankfurt Arena.

51 minutes: The game is getting intense, and the duels are tense. Eintracht Frankfurt should not rest here.

46 minutes: Let’s continue with the second half.

half time: Goes negative in the first half. Eintracht Frankfurt was clearly the better team in the first 45 minutes and they also had chances to advance. Ansgar Knauf in particular scored 1-0 at his feet, but his shot hit the crossbar.

43 minutes: A ball rushes across the penalty area to Borre, who suddenly becomes empty and shoots the ball from a few meters away! Then the flag rises after all – infiltration!

39 minutes: Ansgar Knauff tries to get a rebound on the inside and misses outright – if Alex Meier had done it there, it would now be 1-0.

35 minutes: Eintracht fans create a great atmosphere in the stands, almost everything is currently happening on the pitch between the penalty areas.

29 minutes: Betis collects across the SBU penalty area, and Tota finally clears a low cross from the much-needed goal line.

25 minutes: Ndika strongly intervenes against Fikr. SGE is totally in the game and makes a really good impression.

19 minutes: Next opportunity for SGE! Sow recovers the ball and tries to flick from 17 yards, but his shot goes very middle.

14 min. Great opportunity for unity! He set off her dream pass to Knauf, who suddenly appeared loose in front of Rui Silva, but his shot just hit the crossbar. He must do it!

11 minutes: So far, Betis Sevilla has remarkable possession of the ball, which coach Glasner assumed before the match. Eintracht stalks the ball and wants to succeed with counter-attacks.

7 minutes: The visitors’ first chance after a bad pass from Tota from their team’s penalty area. Miranda misses the ball and shoots it well over the goal.

The third minute: The atmosphere in the stadium is great, fans attack their team and cheer every time SGE wins the ball.

first minute: Coming off the field, Eintracht Frankfurt plays in black and initially from right to left.

+++ 8.50 pm: It starts in ten minutes at the Frankfurt Arena. Will SGE move to the next round? Bayer Leverkusen had to give up. The score of 0-1 in the second leg against Atalanta Bergamo meant the end of the Europa League.

+++ 8:24 pm: With a 2-1 win in the first leg, Eintracht Frankfurt was already able to reach the quarter-finals with a draw. In the event of a defeat with one goal, the extra time goes, with any other bankruptcy, the SBU could have been eliminated. The away goals rule has not been in effect since the start of the 2021/22 season.

+++ 8 pm: The lineups for both teams are here. Eintracht Frankfurt and Betis Seville start the second leg of the round of 16 of the European League with the following two people:

Eintracht Frankfurt: Trap – Tuta, Hinterger, Ndika – Jackic, Su, Knauf, Kostik, Lindstrom, Kamada – Puri

Betis Seville: Rui Silva – Sabali, Pezzella, Bartra, Miranda – Rodriguez, Canales, Joaquin, N. Vicker, Aitor Roybal – Willian Jose

+++ Welcome to the live stream of the round of 16 second leg between Eintracht Frankfurt and Betis Seville. An exciting match awaits us for a place in the quarter-finals of the competition. With a 2-1 win in the first leg, SGE holds all the trumps but still has to do everything they can to secure a seat in the next round.

The first report: FRANKFURT – Eintracht Frankfurt wants to reach the Europa League quarter-finals in the return leg against Betis Sevilla. Oliver Glasner’s team won the first leg 2-1 in Spain and picked up all the winning cards. After the successes of the past few games, believing in their strength at SGE has been a great thing. “We gained a lot of self-confidence and saw that we were aggressive and focused. We want to show the same performance against Sevilla. If we put what makes us strong on the pitch, it will be difficult to beat,” said Kevin Trapp.

Eintracht Frankfurt wants to expel Betis Sevilla from the Europa League

Oliver Glasner has no injuries to complain about and everything is on board against Betis Sevilla. “We can count on full. Except for Ache, everyone completed the final training. We’ve gained a lot of self-confidence from past victories. However, after 2-1 in the first leg, it’s only half the time, said the SBU coach, who set the stage for the match: “We will take our game to the field. I think Betis Sevilla will get more ball again. We want to play forward quickly from a compact defence, don’t wait and go for the win.”

The euphoria in Eintracht Frankfurt is great and Kevin Trapp really wants to get to the next round in the Europa League. “We all know how beautiful the Europa League is in Frankfurt. We had a great trip at the time. We laid the foundation to be able to move on. I can feel everyone’s ambition to try it again,” said the SBU coach.

Eintracht Frankfurt: praise for the medical department

Coach Glasner agreed with his goalkeeper’s statement: “Ecstasy can never be a disabling factor. We crave to touch the fans, the city and the club emotionally. It is the best thing a footballer can do.” The coach also frequently praised the club’s medical department. “We maintain an intense style, and the boys are always pushing their limits. I would like to say a big thank you to our medical department, who have been running at full speed for the past few days and are doing a great job,” says Glasner. (smr)

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