iam8bit and Skybound Games have announced Escape Academy along with Coin Crew Games

iam8bit and Skybound Games have teamed up with the creative minds at Coin Crew Games to launch Escape Academy. Escape Academy is one of the first video games to capture the authentic escape room experience and invite players to follow in the footsteps of extraordinary escapees. To do so, they must make their way through a variety of team-based exploration and time-crunching challenges specifically designed to bring the mystery, intrigue, and fun of escape rooms into players’ homes.

Escape Academy can be added to Wishlists on all platforms at the following links: Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.

Co-founded by Wyatt Bushnell and Mike Mohamed Saleh, Coin Crew Games has a long history of developing real-world experiences that combine immersive gameplay with a strong focus on team interaction. Bushnell designed attractions for theme parks and arcades, including the tech-focused Two Bit Circus with massive escape rooms in Los Angeles, and Salyh designed games for Disney, Zynga, and Two Bit Circus. White and Mike become business partners after being tasked with developing an IRL escape room experience together.

“Our goal has always been to bring people together to play, whether it’s in arcades or at home,” said Mike Mohamed Saleh, co-founder of Coin Crew Games. “As a studio, we’re rigorous in testing our designs early and often – a philosophy we’ve inherited from our years developing games for the local entertainment space.”

“We were thrilled to bring these development ideas to iam8bit and Skybound, who have been instrumental in helping us navigate the digital side of game development,” said White Bushnell, Co-Founder of Coin Crew Games. “We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about relationships being published, but this one was more like a romantic comedy.”

iam8bit adds game publishing to its collection and Escape Academy is the first original title published as part of the iam8bit offerings.

John M. said “Escape Academy truly captures the thrill of teaming up with friends and experiencing the true adrenaline rush of hit time – and we say that based on our own experience designing IRL escape rooms for Resident Evil and Alita: Battle Angel. There are so many different layers of narrative and subtle elements that make the puzzles challenging. “.

“Skybound Games is focused on providing a platform for developers to create unique interactive experiences and we knew right away that Coin Crew had come up with something special,” said Ian Howe, Skybound Games co-CEO. “White, Mike and the Coin Crew team have created a multiplayer experience that defines and challenges team dynamics, bringing out the best in friends and family to handle the pressure of unlocking every room.”

In a secret world, players will be drawn to the Secrets of the Escape Academy, a training center for those with sinister skills matching the “Art of Escape”. These new recruits must work their way through deadly challenges posed by clown and charismatic masters to earn their place among the legendary defrosts. Filled with horrific twists and turns, players will navigate rooms where the stakes are high and eventually reveal a threat they never imagined before.

Escape Academy will be available in June when it launches on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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