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Samsung’s new audio suite impresses with new features for impressive listening pleasure. Samsung’s new ultra-thin speaker provides users with a great audio experience, with a depth of about 40mm, it is currently one of the thinnest speakers on the market. The world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos and a discrete 6.5 subwoofer included in the delivery range ensure powerful audio performance with powerful bass1.

Ultra-thin sound bar

Consumers who want an audio experience almost like the cinema will get their money’s worth with the new Slim Soundbar: new and improved functions over previous models create true surround sound with power and full immersion. The enhanced synergy between Samsung TV and speakers gives great sound for movie and game scenes. Thanks to the further development of Q-Symphony, sound now comes from every speaker on your TV and speakers. Volume tuning is automatic and is optimized for the connected model2.

Since both devices support Dolby Atmos, an immersive audio experience can be created with TV channels and speakers, turning a home into a sports stadium, concert hall or cinema. No additional HDMI cable is required to use Wireless Dolby Atmos, it works wirelessly and lossless via WLAN thus ensuring a clean look.

Impressive sound, no matter the room

Adaptive audio analyzes the content shown on the TV and can specifically adjust the sound for the categories of Dialog, Sports, News and Movies. The built-in center speaker ensures crystal-clear dialogue and completes the great audio experience. Of course, the speaker also has smart features like Alexa built-in voice assistant and Airplay 2 support.

SpaceFit Sound 2’s audio calibration ensures impressive sound, no matter what room the ultra-thin speakers are used in. For sound calibration, the room is scanned and the sound absorption and acoustic reflection properties are taken into account. This operates independently and independently of the connected TV model and TV brand. The process with SpaceFit Sound 2 is also run daily and completely automatically, which means no additional device is required.

harmonious design

Enhanced surround sound ensures an exciting sound experience and at the same time provides the perfect look for your indoor and narrow TV sets thanks to its compact and simple design. Samsung’s Ultra-Slim Soundbar is remarkably thin: 39.9mm deep, it fits perfectly in narrow TVs and doesn’t protrude above the TV as it does with conventional speakers. It also pairs well with wall-mounted TVs and modern TVs such as The Frame. With its polygonal shape tilted at the top, it blends harmoniously with the interior design. In addition, it has a metallic coating. It is available in black (HW-S810B) and white (HW-S811B).

Ultra-thin sound bar

More innovations in the audio suite

Lots of innovations and feature upgrades can also be seen in the Q-Soundbar Line Up this year. In addition to the new 4.0.2 channel rear tweeters included with the HW-Q995B tweeter, there will also be a pair of 2.0.2 channel rear tweeters included with the HW-Q935B this year.

A new side speaker with side-mounted tweeters delivers better surround sound for the Q810B and Q710B speakers than previous models, while the improved overhead speakers Q935B, Q810B and Q710B provide wider audio coverage. As an added extension, the new subwoofer delivers powerful sound. Even sound distribution through an Acoustic Lens, 200 Watts through the maximum capacitor and 32 Hz for deep, detailed bass are the strengths of the Q995B woofer. Another detail that is not unimportant: the LED display is now in the foreground.

1 The world’s first built-in wireless smart TV with Dolby Atmos speakerphone connectivity
2 Q-Symphony capable TVs at

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