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The demand for oil and flour mills is huge, and in many supermarkets people buy some foods in excess. Dealers say hamster purchases are not appropriate.

In light of the war in Ukraine, many people in Baden-Württemberg began stocking up on food again. The regional flour and oil mills already set the maximum purchase quantity. In supermarkets, empty shelves of some products can be observed. In some cases, delivery quantities have already been determined.

Quantities are limited on certain products

When asked by SWR, ALDI SÜD and EDEKA don’t talk openly about buying hamsters. However, retail companies are responding to the current situation: “We are currently seeing greater demand for some product groups and it is possible that individual items may be temporarily unavailable,” ALDI SÜD writes. The company is in close contact with its suppliers. Retail company EDEKA does the same. In individual cases, there may be short-term delivery bottlenecks for some products. “This is especially true of edible oils, some of which also come from Ukraine.”

On the other hand, the Trade Association in Baden-Württemberg, on the other hand, said that it is not aware of hamster purchases as was the case at the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

Delivery logistics oriented to normal household volumes

Retail businesses require their customers to purchase goods in normal household quantities only. ALDI SÜD wrote: “In the event of larger inquiries, we reserve the right, as always, to provisionally limit the delivery quantity for each customer.” The German Food Trade Association puts it more clearly. “Please act in solidarity and buy only what you need right away,” Christian Bucher, a spokesman for the German Federal Food Trade Association, told dpa. He told German News Network that production and delivery logistics are geared towards normal household quantities across the entire food chain.

“Please stand together and buy only what you need right away.”

In a Stuttgart supermarket, customers can buy only a limited amount of flour and sugar.


Ukraine is an important supplier of raw materials to Germany

The spokesman emphasized that the trade association still had no information about the nationwide shortage of sunflower oil in German retail. Nevertheless, Ukraine is an important supplier of raw materials for sunflower oil, especially for Germany: “The country accounts for 51 percent of the amount available on the world market and is one of the most important importing countries for Germany,” says Bucher. “If such an important resource of raw materials is lost as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, this certainly will not remain without impact on the markets for a long time,” he added.

Flour rack in supermarket.  (Photo: SWR)

There is a demand for sugar and wheat flour.


I panicked buying regional mills

Since the beginning of the war, people have settled again, says Andreas Kuhn of Markelsheim (Main-Tauber province). The Miller in Kuhn-Mühle compares the situation to the beginning of the Corona pandemic two years ago. Just as at that time, people wanted to have more staple foods at home, so they would buy larger quantities right away.

Demand has more than doubled, and repeat orders are coming in from department stores and Raiffeisen Markets much earlier. Kohn says demand has also increased at their mill shop.

Mueller Andreas Kohn believes that prices can continue to rise. In his opinion, this may also be a reason why people stock up on food. If its price becomes higher, then it is like fuel, because “the tank will fill up quickly again.” Kuhn thinks panic buying is not appropriate.


A trunk full of flour and pasta (Photo: SWR)

The Ukraine war now affects almost every aspect of life in Heilbronn Franken. Even when shopping, residents of the area realize that everything is getting more and more expensive.

Ölmühle has to close her online store due to congestion

The situation is similar to Helmut Spohn of the Brandl Oil Factory in Empingen (Freudenstadt). The company closed its online store for a few days due to overload, and recently it has only been selling its oil in quantities familiar to families. “They are now breaking into rapeseed oil,” says Spoon. Retailers are also asking for more than usual.

This is how Marktcheck reported on hamster purchases at the start of the coronavirus pandemic:

Global markets are dynamic

However, ALDI SÜD and EDEKA cannot yet predict how much the availability of individual raw materials will change in the coming months. ALDI SÜD writes: “Since the Corona pandemic, global markets have been very dynamic, especially the situation in the raw materials market, but also in global logistics.” On the other hand, the Trade Association in Baden-Württemberg does not fear any major impacts on supply: “If individual products are not available on the day of purchase, you can assume you will receive them again the next time you shop,” said General Manager Sabine Hagemann of SWR.

Sabine Hagman stands in front of the bookshelf and smiles at the viewer.  (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, picture alliance / dpa | Nikolai Holland)

Sabine Hagemann, General Director of the Baden-Württemberg Trade Association

photo radio dpa

Image Alliance / dpa | Nikolai Holland

Food prices can continue to rise

Many of those surveyed believe that food prices will continue to rise. Andreas Kuhn of the Kuhn Mill in the Maine Tauber says flour prices are rising. Raw materials are already becoming much more expensive. Markelsheim Mill, which claims to process about 1,500 tons of grain a year, is supplied from the region – by farmers and from surrounding warehouses – but in the end “the price is set on the world market”. According to Kuhn, a bag that weighs two and a half kilograms increases by about 15 to 20 cents.

Rapeseed and potato prices explode

It is unclear to what extent the rising costs as a result of the war will be exceeded, said Christian Bucher of the German Federal Food Trade Association. “Economists, however, assume that the general increase in food prices will continue for the time being,” he said. Long-term forecasts are not currently possible due to the turmoil in the markets.

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