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Giving hope for a ceasefire in Ukraine, but beware of the Kremlin’s tricks! Sandra Meishberger’s “Woche” talk also cares about gas stations and patients.


Christian Lindner (43). The Federal Minister of Finance wants to pump 200 billion euros to reduce prices.

Alexander Rodnyansky (35). The economist advises the head of Ukrainian freedom Volodymyr Zelensky.

Natasha Sendyeva (50). The head of TV fought to the end for “Doshd” (“Rain”), the last free TV channel in Russia.

Wolfram Weimer (57). The (“European”) propagandist had warned weeks ago that “Putin is taking advantage of a special moment of political weakness in the European Union”.

Telo Jong (36). The podcast maker (“Jung & Naiv”) tweeted: “Lindner tried to explain to me today why Porsche drivers should also take advantage of his tank discount.”

Anya Kol (51). Stock expert ARD wants to expand sanctions: “Putin is cheating!”

Information from the first source. How controversial are the comments? The Zoff-o-Meter is partial – in fact!

The most bleak start

ARD journalist is the first to start and fully speak Lotte. Their bleak predictions: Inflation is a permanent condition! The global economic crisis! The cost of this war will be prohibitive for the foreseeable future.”

Even worse: “The turning point in this war is Mariupol,” Cole doubts. “A city of 300,000 people, besieged, without water, without food, without medical care, without electricity.” It is feared that it will become a kind of European Aleppo.

inappropriate reaction

“The Russian economy is heading towards collapse,” ARD journalist tells ARD. “It’s the beginning of the end for Putin. It’s just a question of when that will happen,” he added.

The talk show host laughed in disbelief, but the stock market expert was not deterred: “The Russian economy will not be able to stand it,” she seriously warned. Maischberger’s face still expresses an amusing doubt. ooh!

Then Zoff-o-Meter starts

“It was a mistake on the part of Germany and the European Union not to join the US oil embargo,” Kohl said. Three-quarters of Russia’s income comes from oil, not gas. 500 million weeks! And the oil is replaceable. The Saudis, Emiratis, Venezuela, and Iran can do this…”

“I’m more with the federal government,” Weimer contrasts. “In that case you have to keep your cool despite all the moral turmoil and all the anger and inner weeping, because none of us have any interest in slipping into the Third World War.”

Blogger Jung rolled up his shirt sleeves and came up with something: the opponent proposed by the Finance Minister is “the lonely Putin.” Heidewitzka!

The most shocking statement

Presidential adviser Rodniansky sets the course for seriousness. The visit of the three heads of government was about the delay in the storming of Kyiv: “Now they are gone again and the war is in full swing.”

Chief broadcaster Sindeewa is “calling from an unknown place” and sitting in front of the camera wearing a black hooded jacket. She explains that she does not fear for her life, but says: “What we fear is the destruction of the world. Countries, relationships, families and people’s lives are all completely destroyed. All of Ukraine, as well as the lives of many Russians. “

The most shocking accusations

“Kyiv is still standing, but serious devastation can be seen in the east and north,” says Rodnyansky, with apparent shock. Rape rumors are increasing.

His harshest example: “A friend recently told me about a family he knows well. The man was shot in front of the woman, he was left in the garden, the woman was raped, and then she ran away with the child without clothes.

Main demands

“Of course we think we can win this war,” explains the economic advisor. “At the moment we are winning it too. The only question is how long it will take, how many people will die and what costs will be incurred by Europe.”

What is needed now is “more military support with highly advanced anti-aircraft weapons such as the Patriot OS-300” and “more sanctions because the Russian war machine is driven by revenues from the sale of oil, gas and coal.”

Russian journalist Natasha SendevaFoto: WDR/Das Erste

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Russian journalist Natasha SendevaPhoto: WDR / Das Erste

Most laments move

Speaking about her courageous colleague Marina Ovzyannikova, who ventured to get acquainted with the main Russian news with the poster “No to War”, she said: “What she did inspired us all. Because she was heroic. Because she knew exactly what she was risking.”

“But it’s too late,” the announcer continued. If the journalists had stood up earlier, personally speaking their opinions publicly! When I listen to Alexander (Rodnyansky) I want to cry. ”

clearest comment

Zelensky’s adviser commented on the sudden voices of Shaum from the Kremlin: “So far we do not really believe in a peaceful solution. He does not agree with Russian actions in Ukraine. We believe that this is another fraud. “

And Rodniansky continued: “The goal is to buy time. To adjust the strategy, withdraw the troops and start an offensive again. At the same time, it gives people in the West hope that the embargo is not necessary. ” The costs of sanctions are “much less than the economic downturn during the Corona crisis.”

clearer edge

The Secretary of the Treasury is presented with a photograph showing him as a Reserve Commander in uniform. Lindner says that after graduating from high school in 1998, he did community service to secure his livelihood. But then he “quickly decided to voluntarily perform military service.” He served in the Air Force on vacation and free time for twenty years. awesome!

The minister warned at the time that “there should be no conflict between NATO and Russia, because the risk of a nuclear escalation would be too great.” And about the demand for a complete ban on gas and oil, he said “frankly”: “All options are on the table every day!”

categorical justification

Lindner’s stern analysis of Putin: “I believe his war aims are no longer achievable.” However, with a ban on energy, “we will weaken our staying power too much.”

What is the limit that should not be exceeded? The talk show host wants to know. It will be easier to replace the oil. Will this be a first step? “

The Minister answers: “For reasons that are perhaps understandable, I do not want to comment publicly on this in detail.” But I want to say that we are exhausting all our opportunities to build additional reserves. This applies to coal, gas and oil.”

And again Zoff

“The point here is that we need a very fast relief effect across the entire economy for a limited period of time, which will immediately…”

Maischberger leans forward forcefully: “Why would you want to comfort someone who doesn’t really need it?” She asks provocatively. There will be discounts for the rich and the poor.

Most annoying conversation

“Even when it comes to value-added tax, there is no discrimination based on financial capacity,” the minister lectures. In addition, exemption through deduction is also much faster than complex tax relief.

Maischberger immediately enters again: “I don’t want to interrupt you…”

“You do it now,” the minister gets upset and laughs. “Then leave him alone.”

“I heard everything you said,” defends the talk show host.

“But not the onlookers,” Lindner replies. “Let me finish a sentence!”

last alert

Publicist Weimar devote the last word to the topic of Corona: “When I see that other countries that have been hit harder than we are now are now on their way to normal life, I think we can dare to do that too” criticizes.

“For me, this also relates to a certain image of the state,” he explains. “Every one of us can continue to be vigilant. But we, as citizens, as civil society, must organize some risks ourselves. “Amen!

Quote from the evening

“I do not know.” Telo Jong


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