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Status: 03/16/2022 4:30 PM

The new Corona regulation for Lower Saxony is expected to be issued on Friday, and will apply from Saturday. But that’s not all: a quick glimpse into the timetable for the coming days.

On Wednesday, the German Bundestag dealt, for the first time, with the introduction of the new infection protection law planned in the framework of the fight against the Corona virus. This model is also a topic at the Prime Ministers’ Conference with Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD) on Thursday. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat are due to decide on the motion on Friday. The bill provides for a transition period until April 2, during which federal states can continue to implement existing Corona protection measures – including the third-generation rule and requirements for mask, distance and testing.

Four Corona regulations are no longer valid

“Until April 2, we will maintain all the measures that we can maintain under the Infection Protection Act that has been foreseen so far,” government spokeswoman Anke Borksen said at the coronavirus crisis team’s press conference on Tuesday. According to Poerksen, the new regulation will not include contact restrictions for non-vaccinated people, capacity restrictions for major events, the obligation of restaurant operators to provide a corona warning application and regulations for employee meetings, for example on farms.

Video: Lower Saxony adheres to Corona measures until April 2 (15/03/2022) (1 minute)

Yes or no? How do you vote Lower Saxony in the Bundesrat?

A spokesperson for the State Chancellery said on Wednesday whether Lower Saxony would reject the new planned regulation of the Law on Protection from Infections in the Bundesrat. Discussions were still going on with the heads of other countries, and there was great hope that changes could be made to the bill. Burxen had announced on Tuesday that Lower Saxony would not vote against the new infection protection law because there would be no chances of intervening in the pandemic.

Organizing hot spots for areas severely affected by Corona

The new hotspot regulation will be introduced in the Infection Protection Act, which can be applied at the regional level where there are large numbers of corona infections or where there is a risk of hospital overload. By regulating hotspots, mask requirements, distance requirements and hygiene concepts will also be possible at the regional level in the future. However, Lower Saxony’s state parliament must vote on whether the hotspot rule should be applied to the region.

“Control prevent hotspot control”

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stefan Weil (Social Democratic Party) considers it “impractical for the state government and state parliament to define specific measures for individual districts or urban areas”. The state government must also be able to define the conditions for a dynamic contagion risk nationwide. He described the currently planned base as “the regulation to prevent the regulation of hotspots.” So far, Lower Saxony has done well by taking preventative measures at an early stage whenever deemed necessary, says Weil. “It must be adhered to.”

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