Marvin Doksh fails! Werder Bremen must solve the following problem!

Bremen – It is said that there were times when the god of football was from Bremen. He held his hand protectively on the SV Werder Bremen and maneuvered the club even in the toughest situations. It all seems like it’s been a very long time. Anyway, at the moment it’s hard to imagine that any higher power would mean well with green eggs. Instead, it looks as if Werder did something very bad and is now being punished severely.

Within a few days, Omar Toprak, Marco Friedel and Mitchell Weiser were all discharged due to injury. Then hit on Thursday Marvin Dokshwho was placed in quarantine after being infected with Corona and therefore also plays at home SV Werder Bremen Against the leaders of the second class SV Darmstadt 98 (Saturday, 8:30 p.m., DeichStube live tape) Canceled.

The news had an effect. at Werder Bremen Anyway, they were very young then. The next solo setback has not been publicly commented by the sport’s officials, and should only be announced on Friday during the Bremen match day press conference before the match against. Darmstadt 98 Happen or occur. Before that, there were at most a few bits of information. “He’s doing really well at the moment,” Werder said succinctly and succinctly on his website. Health status From Marvin Doksh With. And anyone who feared a real flood of contagion, such as recently in Hamburger SV, Fortuna Düsseldorf or FSV Mainz 05, was appeased with the statement that “all other tests by Bremen specialists were negative”.

Werder Bremen: After Omer Toprak, Marco Friedel and Mitchell Weiser, Marvin Doksch is now out against Darmstadt 98

The rest took place behind closed doors. As is training. The unit is advertised as non-public anyway Uli Werner He did not even send his players to the eleventh, but asked them to work directly in the Wohninvest Weserstadion park. And there was so much to do there. A completely new line of defense must be found as soon as possible due to a failure Marvin Doksh The static mode of attack also changes completely. Of course, 16 goals this season and just nine assists shows the 28-year-old’s sporting value. But other than that it can hardly be replaced. Ducks move in places where others don’t necessarily move. He knows how to impress as a distributor and also with unexpected shots. attacker SV Werder Bremen It also includes set pieces, which are not all very dangerous, but help keep the opponent’s defense busy. And he may be the one that the reconfigured, unformatted formation can use as a guide.

This task must now be undertaken by others. Werder officials often emphasized the quality of the team, and now the team has the opportunity to prove that this assessment is indeed correct. Perhaps that is why the current staff misery stirs up bad memories of fall 2019. Back then, when I heard similar voices, it was like that. Werder Bremen Ever of a wave failure capture. Sometimes ten players were missing. The result: the Bremen team never really started, so instead of going to Europe, they were against relegation – which was ultimately avoided with a major relegation effort.

Werder Bremen: Four ordinary players play against Darmstadt – Autumn 2019 memories awakened

As you know, last year was different. For nearly twelve months, everything has been looking reasonably good. After winning on March 10, 2021 in Bielefeld, it looked like a night out Werder Bremen Nah, but then it all fell apart. At Osterdeich they must hope that March will not be another fateful month, that the staff plan will work this time and that the quality will be different starting from eleven Actually true. Otherwise, it may become more complicated than it already is. But perhaps the god of football still has a little miracle. Verder could really use it. (MPU)

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