Masks still mandatory in schools – 3G canceled for hotels and hairdressers

Corona rules extended until April 2

Brandenburg has canceled 3G service for hotels and hairdressers – masks remain mandatory in schools

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The number of infections in Brandenburg remains high. Therefore, it has now been decided to extend most of the Corona rules until April 2. It was a long struggle. There is now a compromise for hotels and hairdressers.

Brandenburg is extending most of its Corona rules until April 2, but it is also easing some restrictions. And the Cabinet decided, Thursday, in a special digital session.

Accordingly, the The third generation base of Friday in hairdressing, beauty salons, hotels and traffic Has risen. It also does not apply to non-entertainment events.

However, the third-generation rule still applies to restaurants, theaters, cinemas and major events – so only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative recently can get there. There are no longer any upper limits or capacity limitations for large events. about Discos, clubs and festivals It is implemented as of Friday 2G (fully vaccinated or verifiably cured) instead of 2G-Plus.

No more connection restrictions

In addition, you will No more call restrictions from Friday For private gatherings in private and public places, not even for unvaccinated people. There is no obligation to record contact details of visitors to health and social care facilities.

The Mask requirement for school children Like the obligation to get tested three times a week, it will initially remain in effect until April 2. In nurseries and nurseries, testing for children over one year of age should last at least two days a week.

The mask requirements It will continue to apply in many places in the future: at least one medical mask They must be worn on occasions held in closed rooms without an entertaining character (including funerals) – also for body-related services, in restaurants and accommodation facilities.

One FFP2 Mask Still in retail, at events of an entertainment nature, on local public transportation including taxis, museums, amusement parks and zoos as well as in theatres, concert halls, operas, cinemas, trade fairs, galleries, amusement arcades, health and social care facilities such as hospitals and facilities Duty care.

The coalition agrees to a compromise

And so the Red, Black, and Green coalition agreed to a compromise. The CDU has called for the mask requirement to be scrapped in schools and the 3G rule to be scrapped in restaurants and hotels, where guests are vaccinated, recovered or only access negative corona testing. On the other hand, the Greens wanted to keep the previous restrictions.

Health Minister Ursula Nunemacher (the Greens) on Thursday noted the continued high number of infections and the tense situation in hospitals. “In a situation like this, of course, we still need effective preventative measures,” she said. “I think it’s especially important to wear masks in all areas where a lot of people meet indoors in the coming weeks.”

The CDU parliamentary group leader welcomed the agreement, but also clarified: “It is no secret that we wished for more. For us, the point of more personal responsibility has now been reached. However, the state government has agreed to a good compromise, finally most of the rules will be dropped. the other by April 2.

The situation in hospitals has recently eased

The State Medical Association and the Brandenburg State Hospital Association (LKB) recently called for anti-coronavirus measures to be maintained beyond March 20. “In light of the number of cases, which has been constantly increasing to new high levels in the past few days, there is absolutely no reason to scrap the protection measures now at all times,” said Frank, head of the state medical association. – Ulrich Schulze.

LKB Chairman Detlev Trobens noted that 800 patients with Covid-19 are treated daily in Brandenburg hospitals and that there are still too many deaths. Therefore, it makes no sense to abandon appropriate protective measures.

According to statistics, the situation in hospitals has recently witnessed a slight decline. The number of new hospital patients infected with Covid-19 per 100,000 residents in one week was 6.72 on Thursday – up from 7.70 on Tuesday. 795 people with Covid are currently being treated in hospital – 79 of them are in intensive care units.

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