New entry-level model from March 18: The new iPhone SE: the perfect smartphone for Apple’s newcomers?

Apple smartphones don’t necessarily have to be expensive. The entry-level iPhone SE model has proven this for several years. Now the last generation is coming to the market. In testing, the cheap version was quite convincing – with only minor cuts to the grade B.

Yes, iPhones can be expensive. The flagship of the 13 Pro series in particular costs up to 1,829 euros. But for the smaller budget, the Cupertino tech company has always offered its own iPhone SE, the latest of which will launch on March 18. The news agency featured in the news had the opportunity to extensively test the latest Apple smartphone before it went on sale. And one thing up front: at a starting price of 519 euros, you get plenty of mobile phones and the latest technology with the 3G SE.

Design and appearance

The iPhone SE is visually based on previous models and is still surprisingly similar to the iPhone 8 from 2017. Apple has again opted for the rounded corners for the SE, as opposed to the newer look of the 13-series iPhones which have more noticeable edges. SE also didn’t say goodbye to the tried-and-tested home button.

The 4.7 screen is installed again, which at first glance seems a little small, but it proves that it is quite enough in everyday use. The screen colors are rich and warm. The glass used is identical to the glass on the back of the 13 series, which is very strong, and of course the SE is also protected from water and dust. All in all, you own a solid smartphone that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality and decent touches – as you are used to Apple products in general.

The inner values ​​are compelling

Perhaps the most decisive and significant change compared to its predecessor: iPhone SE now comes with 5G technology and is therefore the latest in reception technology. With the corresponding tariff, simultaneous broadcasting and Facetime are no longer a problem. This is also made possible thanks to the integrated A15 electronic chip, which was first introduced on September 14, 2021 and has been used until now in the sixth generation of iPad mini and in iPhone 13 models. A revamping treatment that technically pushes the SE forward.

Unfortunately only two cameras

With the iPhone 13 variants, Apple has been attaching great importance to cameras for several years, especially with the Pro variants. In contrast, SE is almost neglected. 7 MP front camera with f / 2.2 lens slot, and 12 MP front camera with f / 1.8 lens slot on the back. Telephoto zoom or ultra-wide-angle lens: none. In the test, the iPhone SE took powerful and well-exposed photos, especially in daylight, and the newly built HDR4 function also works perfectly, but of course some options that are possible with mobile phones with more lenses are missing.

Software solutions provided via image processing cannot hide this either. However, this is quite enough for everyday life and a shot in between. The differences compared to the photos with the iPhone 13 Pro are only marginal in bright light. The missing night mode hits the desk even harder, which even the iPhone 11 Pro from 2019 had under the hood. All in all, more image power was sure to have benefited the iPhone SE in the overall build.

iPhone SE is available in these variants

iPhone SE is offered in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage capacities. Prices for this are 519 euros, 569 euros and 689 euros. There are currently three colors to choose from: midnight (black), pole star (white), and (product) red (red). As mentioned earlier, the third generation iPhone SE will be available in Apple stores from March 18, but it can be pre-ordered via the homepage.

Is it worth buying?

Conclusion: Definitely, if you belong to the target group. However, the SE doesn’t come close to its big brother in the 13 Pro version. But she doesn’t want that at all. For its relatively low purchase price, the iPhone SE is a really good alternative. Especially for beginners who have always wanted to get a taste of the world of Apple.

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