Next game winner! Spencer Dinwiddy drowns out the Brooklyn Nets with the Dallas Mavericks

Spencer hit Dinwiddie the winner of the next game to help the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Brooklyn Nets 113-111. Luka Doncic scratched the double triple.

Brooklyn Nets (36-34) – Dallas Mavericks (43-26) 111: 113 (BOXSCORE)

Dinwiddie has already secured a Dallas victory over the Boston Celtics, this time against his former team, with whom he played for five years. With ten seconds to play and one point, Doncic got the ball and the ball was doubled and passed Dinwiddie, who just got up in the air from downtown – a Ballgame!

Doncic was the towering man of the match with 37 points in 14/26 FG, 5/12 three-pointers, 9 rebounds and each assisted in 4 turnovers in roughly 39 minutes, but Dinwiddy was a good fit with 22 points at 6/14 off the field plus 3 passes and 3 steals. The Mavericks went into the final quarter by 13 points, but they quickly fought back in a fast-paced closing period.

In terms of defense, the MAVs’ tactics against the opposing star quickly became apparent: Without the support of Keri Irving, injured Dallas, Ben Simmons and Seth Curry, wanted the ball out of Kevin Durant’s hands. After a good first quarter of KD (9 points), Muffs Durant doubled at almost every opportunity. Meanwhile, they kept him off the field for about 21 minutes without scoring, but then Durant and the Nets found answers to doubles more often.

Therefore, Durant held 23 points at 8/20 FG but played 10 assists and gave the Nets the lead 10 seconds from the end of the match with a three-deep over two Mavericks points. Goran Dragic took charge, especially in Durant’s poor second quarter, with 14 of 21 points (9/16 FG, 4 assists). Andre Drummond (14, 7/8 FG) caused major problems for the Mavs in the first quarter when he grabbed 5 of his 8 attacking rebounds (17 total) in under 7 minutes.

Like against Boston, Maxi Kleber stayed off the field without much success (4, 0/4 3P), but he shone at times as a defender for Durant. The Mavericks barely played offensively with just 15 points anyway, Brooklyn had an advantage there with 27 points.

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