Nickel, cobalt and lithium are the metals of the future, Swiss Resource Capital AG, press release

The price of nickel has exploded. Much of the nickel came from Russia.

Many goods that came from Russia in peacetime – the country is now closed off the market – have become much more expensive. Nickel and cobalt are raw materials for desirable carbon removal. Nickel is used in solar energy systems, in wind turbines and also in electric car batteries. Nickel was first discovered as an element in 1751 by a Swedish chemist. The metal was used to make coins in the United States and Switzerland. Good corrosion protection is now possible with nickel-based alloys. One of the most important areas of cobalt use is rechargeable batteries, and cobalt is also used in magnets, carbides, diamond tools, and superalloys.

Therefore, nickel and cobalt are considered as basic raw materials for modern technologies. Cobalt is found in cell phone batteries and many other devices. Incidentally, cobalt is a component of vitamin B12 and stimulates the growth of red blood cells, but an excessive intake of it is unhealthy. Most of the cobalt still comes from the politically unstable Congo, and cobalt also came from Russia. More than half of the world’s processed cobalt comes from the Katanga region in southern Congo. Since people in mining areas don’t care about social, health or environmental standards, it is always better if the cobalt comes from another country.

here comes Canada Nickel Company – – In the game. Crawford’s pilot project, which contains nickel and cobalt, is located in Ontario, Canada and is 100% owned by the company. Another important raw material for increasing electrolyte mobility is the much sought after lithium.

This, for example lithium alpha – – In the famous lithium triangle in Argentina for her Tolillar Salar project. There is especially high-quality lithium.

Current company information and press releases from Canada Nickel Company (- and Alpha Lithium (- https://www.resource – -).

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