Pokémon GO asks for your opinion on the Johto Tour

In Pokémon GO, Johto’s big round took place just a few weeks ago. Niantic is now asking the community for their feedback. At MeinMMO, we took a look at what the coaches responded to the developers.

What type of event is this? On February 26, 2022, the Pokémon GO Grand Tour: Johto for Trainers took place. This revolved around Pokémon in the Johto region for a full 12 hours. For the first time you can find all the monsters of the second generation in their dazzling form in the game.

In addition to new Shinys, such as those in Phanpy, Remoraid, and Mantax, this also included the regional Pokemon Skaraborn and Corason, which could get stuck in the raid during the event.

Now Niantic would like to get feedback from the community about the Johto Tour and get clear words from the coaches. We show you the problems that players criticize.

3 Problems Coaches Point to Niantic

The Niantic poll came just in time for many coaches, because the list of problems is now long. For this reason, some reddit users are taking the opportunity to express their displeasure with Niantic. Its focus is on the following three problems:

1. Brilliant odds

One of the most common points of criticism is the brilliant rate. Several coaches criticize that it was hard to get Niantic’s newly released Shinys for the Johto Tour. Some are particularly upset with Corasonn.

Regional Pokemon also debuted that day, so it was naturally very much in demand. However, he can only be caught in raids that require appropriate raid permits to participate.

However, the chance to shine was not modified, which is why many players had to purchase additional paid raid cards. But according to the reports of some players, another SHINee is rarely found.

What are the odds? However, Niantic has yet to officially reveal how high the exact Glitter Stake of the Pokémon in question will be. For this reason, there are only opinion polls by parts of the community, such as The Silph Road. According to them, the current chance of a dazzling sample for most Pokémon is around 1:500 (via thesilphroad.com).

The following comments can be found on reddit about the Shining Stake during Johto’s tour (via reddit.com):

  • Thetof91: “I posted an event shiny and it was global at the time in raids. People expect the chance of him to be shiny only increases that day. So 1/20 or 1/64 or 1/128. But it was a full 1/512 chance. Lots of people did raided that day, myself included, because they thought she might be brilliant.”
  • geoffh2016: “Considering that people want shinys at paid events, it doesn’t make sense that the probability isn’t 1/20 as much as community days, or at least about 1/30.”
  • gazzas89: “I told them very rudely that if they put regional Pokemon in raids on them to actually increase the shiny chance and not set it to 1 out of 250, that was disgusting. And to announce the shiny chances for that in advance since it’s already close to the loot box, so don’t increase it and make people They spend a lot of money on raid corridors.”
  • Rorian: “I told them that the raids with Curason were the worst and most famous thing Niantic had ever done.”
  • VozMicke: “Tell them you want great reviews”

I’ve also tried my luck on the dazzling Corasonn. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, but I was especially lucky on the Johto Tour.

2. Johto’s tour was stressful

Another point of criticism from some coaches was Gohto’s tour itinerary. This happened in one day, which is why so much content accumulated and sometimes it became too much for players. Some reddit users found the event cumbersome and overburdened and wished to split the content of the event (via reddit.com):

  • Shadrige: “It’s a community thing and the community has to be asked what they want and what they don’t want on the tour. Putting it all together in one day was horrible.”
  • saturnianali8r: “I forgot to pick up new eggs until the event quarter was over because I was too focused on gathering challenges, smoke monsters, and special research.”
  • tomasdez: “Fun Kanto [Event] And your stressed face”

3. Communicating with the community

But not only Chines and the event itself are very critical of many coaches. Various problems have existed in Pokémon GO for a long time, which the community has repeatedly expressed on social networks. These bugs include many bugs, but also in-game modifications, such as smoke change.

However, so far little or nothing has happened in these areas, which is why some reddit users have used the poll to draw attention to these grievances and lack of communication on the part of Niantic (via reddit.com).

  • saturnianali8r: “Finally, there is a question, what makes you most likely buy an event card. I said the game should be improved and pay attention to what players say. People who are unhappy with the game (eg, bugs for months, Pokestops/Pokemon assets not loading after a ban) , smoking, etc.) they don’t want to put any money into the game. It is amplified when it seems Niantic isn’t listening to the community.”
  • jayt247: “I told them I loved the event but would not purchase any other paid tickets unless they cleared the smoke. In my responses, which did not include the feedback option, I mentioned that I enjoyed the event but was very unhappy with Niantic.”
  • sebimeyer: “I’ll give them feedback, but they obviously don’t care, so I don’t have any hope that they’ll actually listen to us. I was honestly surprised that they asked. They don’t seem really interested in listening to us, so why does this charade go on? The whole thing is annoying.” and unnecessarily condescending, and yet they keep on doing it. I really don’t get it and don’t care about ‘why’ anymore, I just want my game to be fun.”
  • Juster Marill: “What do you think of the Johto tour? Fix the damn smoke!”

Whether and how Niantic will react to these observations is currently unknown. If there is any new information on this topic, you can find out from us on MeinMMO.

How do you like the feedback from the coaches? Do you support these criticisms? Or do you have other experiences you’ve shared with Niantic? Feel free to write your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and share your ideas with other coaches.

by the way: Have you already participated in our survey? We want to know how you like the smoke change.

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