Poll: Online dating as the basis for a happy, long-term relationship?

Updated: 03/17/2022 – 20:23

What do the interviewed couples say
Poll: Can Online Dating Create Happy, Long-Term Relationships?

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The topic of a recent survey was whether online dating leads to happy, long-lasting relationships.

Can online dating be the basis for happy and long lasting relationships? What the couples survey found.

Online dating has long become socially acceptable in our modern society. And why not: After all, it’s never a shame to search for happiness on the Internet. More and more dating portals and many more couples who have found each other in this way are acknowledging success. but can Relationships that started with online dating are really happy and long lasting? What’s in the poll went out to.

Poll: Does Online Dating Create Happy, Long-Term Relationships?

Could online dating be the basis for relationships that are actually happy and long lasting? Dating app Parship wanted to know more about this and conducted a survey. 670 couples, including ex-spouses, who met through Parship were surveyed, as well as about 1,000 couples where this was not the case. The result:

  • 91 percent of couples who found each other through a dating app were still together at the time of the survey.
  • 69 percent of them said they were very satisfied with their partnership.
  • 60 percent of them are married.
  • Fifty-one percent of couples who met differently say they are very satisfied.

So it seems that the online dating model has the potential to create stable relationships.

As Parship couples continue to report, 36 percent of them had butterflies in their stomachs even before they met for the first time — actually feeling loved on a first date by a whopping 40 percent.

Other results from the survey:

  • For 66 percent of those surveyed who found each other through an engagement service, it took four weeks from their first meeting to the point at which the two became a couple.
  • Couples who grew up in other ways took an average of 17 weeks.
  • In the first two weeks, 34 percent of parsnip couples agreed that they wanted to shape a future together.
  • 82 percent of the couples surveyed lived in different places before they met, and two-thirds of them moved in together within the first year.

Expert: Targeted research makes online dating successful

So it seems like a cliché that online dating might be practical, but also uninteresting due to the targeted approach. “Online dating offers a great opportunity to meet people outside the familiar path of friends, work, or leisure, no matter when and where, you wouldn’t otherwise meet,” Eric Heijman, Parship expert, couples therapist and singles coach, contrasts with prejudice. In fact, it is an advantage: “Targeted search for a relationship partner has greater chances of a happy meeting than waiting and hoping for a fateful meeting. Because love at first sight is unfortunately in the first place a myth.”

Online dating: can also be used at an advanced age. The best proof of this is Ruth, 63: “Online dating? I look so relaxed!”

He’s also worked out with them when they were older – relationship included! 50+ Dating: “We’re in Love Again.”

Read here about the great benefits of online dating for the 50+ generation.

Sometimes singles over 50 have a hard time online dating. What are your biggest fears? And what can you do about this? An expert can help.

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