Primus Ostler travels to Tremmersdorf for a great duel

FC Weiden-Ost slashes swords with current ‘Vice’ – no more Top 4+++ matches can be made in the program in the Northern District League

Before the Northern District League on the weekend of 26/27. March officially continues the league matches with the eighteenth round, and the match chart has set four pre-match matches for next Sunday in order to finally settle the table. The focus is on one match, namely FC Tremmersdorf (2/32) against leader FC Weiden-Ost (1/33), the real “sausage”. As it is both teams’ first appearances after a long winter break, no serious statement can be made about the current format. Therefore, you cannot burden the preferred candidate with either opponent. So the score is open, eye-level game can be expected, and it will always be exciting.

In the remaining three matches, the local teams in particular – all of whom are involved in the relegation battle – are under the pressure of having to win. In particular, SV Plößberg (13th/14th place) must make the full return after a false start in the home game against FC Vorbach (6/24), otherwise there is a risk of remaining in the relegation zone in the long run. TSV Erbendorf (10 / 19), who will intervene for the first time in 2022, wants to draw the level with FC Dießfurt (8 / 22) with a triple pointer and make the landing points wedge thicker. After all, ASV Haidenaab (11./17), positioned on the edge of “the cliff”, definitely wants his fifth sense of accomplishment this season at home against TuS Schnaittenbach (4./31) in order to call the middle. -Table.

SV Blosberg


FC Feuerbach

False start for SVP, Dal-Elf lost the first two direction-defining matches for vital points this past weekend 0:1 against FC Dießfurt. The start-up difficulties became apparent after the winter break, especially in the first half. Falling behind midway through the second half, the hosts increased their commitment against a flailing opponent, but ultimately lacked the penetrating power to hold at least one point. Now the pressure before the game at home against the rookie team is of course even greater, because the plan was to leave the relegation zone after two catch-up games. So it takes a massive performance boost against the always-confident guest to get the most urgently needed points. There should not be any further losses under any circumstances.

FCV looks back on a short, but crisp, intense setup with four training units per week. A total of five friendlies were held in the schedule, with Kaufmann’s staff being technically challenged to matches against two top-tier domestic league representatives from Grafnohr and Lohe-Weldenau. The highlight of the sweat-filled time was a two-day training camp with three units within nineteen hours in Fürth, including a game against Middle Franconian League club ASV Fürth. “In general, I was completely satisfied with the preparations, even if the staff continued to mix due to the epidemic for professional and other reasons. So I am more happy that the players passed the preparations without any major muscular problems.”, says player coach Michael Kaufman. Now he and his kids are definitely looking forward to the points being at stake again. He personally watched the hosts on Sunday against Discoverfort and thus knows where his boys need to step up their play. “Of course you don’t really know where you are before the first game after the winter break. But I’m very confident that we’ve maintained the level we were in before the winter break, if we weren’t even a little bit stronger. The goal is clear: we’re going to Stiftland to take three points with us and thus make a move. It’s a big mission towards staying in the league.”According to the coach spread optimism for the rookie team. He’s hoping no more negative surprises will come his way during the week.




For Roland Lang, the preparation with his team was generally good. “Problems arose, as is probably the case with every club, because the players who were in quarantine, injured and otherwise sick had to be avoided. So you can often train or play to a limited extent. The results were good, the offers on offer were usable. Mostly. Last weekend with the final against Hanbach was good.”, so coach Steinwaldelf. Next Sunday, TSV will intervene in the league match, in which the catch-up match against Dießfurt will be on the programme. “It’s definitely going to be a tough fighting game,” suspects Lange, who hopes the player never tests positive again and then drops out, although he may not be sick at all. In any case, Sebastian Klamt, who injured himself in the lounge, will surely miss the start at Kreinzl. “It is gratifying that the players who were recently in quarantine are rejoining the team. In any case, we want to move on immediately in the first match after the break and have something reliable, ideally a three-pointer in our case, Of course “. Coach Erbendorf is optimistic.

Wolfgang Steer looks back with satisfaction from the away match he won in Bloisberg, in which he wanted to underscore his team’s determination in a fair game by both sides despite numerous duels. The only thing that criticizes him is the ability to assert himself when winning the ball and taking advantage of the few good chances. After the opening goal, his men lost the thread and missed a number of opportunities to fine-tune the counterattack. The bottom line was the three points, which are very important to score points and self-confidence. “Our second game away in a row won’t be easier. With the Erbendorfers we have a very compact team with a strong attack in front of the chest. We will now try to build on Plößberg’s performance, but in order to take something countable with us, we have to play another ship.” Says the FC coach, who can now rely on his entire team. “Sharing a point in Erbendorf would be fine”He answers when asked what he wants his followers to target.



East Weiden

FCT player coach Norbert Verstel reports that preparations have gone very well. Some of those injured for a long time managed to get back into the game. “The usual winter space problems were well offset by individual running schedules. In five and a half weeks of hard work on the pitch and top-tier opponents, we had good challenges. The results were of secondary importance, and the performances were always attractive.”, says the second boss in the table. The first contender to return under competition conditions is now the table leader from Weiden East. “A big challenge, no doubt, and it’s always difficult to assess your performance in the first game after winter because you don’t know exactly how you will come out. We will definitely go into the game without too much pressure. I already said before the season that Weiden-Ost is my favorite for promotion. Team Ostler tried several years ago. Rise to the district league and craft promotion over and over as a seasonal goal, sometimes public, sometimes internal, which is why the roles are clearly divided. However, we have a good team that can beat anyone at home. I say that at the end of the day, the person who wants The other three will leave the field as the winner.”So Ferstel before the first game next Sunday in the village of Deir.

On the other hand, his counterpart Florian Schrebel rated the preparation course as very mixed. “Corona cases, injuries and bad weather are not ideal conditions, but we made them the best.”, says player coach Ostler. Well, FC started the rest of the second half of the season from “first place”, a position that wasn’t necessarily expected. “If you look at the conditions we had to deal with – the vacationers, the injured players, the junior team, the regular players leaving – we can be very satisfied with the preliminary round”The coach remembers the matches until the winter break. “Before the season, after the turmoil in the team, we set a goal to play a carefree season, start with the change and maybe play in third place,” coach says. When asked if promotion is the number one goal, Schrebel remains cautious: “We are currently in first place and of course we want to achieve the best possible position at the end. We have to wait and see how that turns out.” Now Schreibel and his men are looking forward to Sunday’s first game in Tremmersdorf. “We are playing with one of the strongest teams with the strongest attack. We need a great day to survive. But if we show a lot of team spirit and passion on the pitch we can take something that can be counted with us. The point would be a nice success for us.”The former regional league player said.




ASV can look back on a season that has so far been unsatisfactory. Shiner-Elf last won on September 12, after which a long list of injuries was certainly responsible for the fact that the Upper Franconia team went down hill from a sporting point of view. At the start of the new year, there are two matches against the top teams on the agenda, where we will put our current form to the test. A sense of accomplishment must now be felt in front of the rookie team, knowing that after a big win in Neustadt he will arrive with a big chest, as he has finally managed to stop his weakness away from home.

The coaching duo Egeter/Kohl had a perfect start to the new year in the rematch in Neustadt, as they laid the foundation for their second away win of the season with a phenomenal performance in the first half of the match. Realizing that they have finally brought their qualities to the field overseas, TuS’s entourage travels to Bayreuth and wants to bring the next “basement kid” to his knees there.

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