PS5 Tape: The State of the PlayStation 5 March 17, 2022

PS5 bar from GamesWirtschaft

Buy a PS5 5 direct from the factory – and it’s possible today with PlayStation Direct. But this requires an invitation from Sony Interactive.

PS5 traffic light: where you can currently buy a PlayStation 5

It can be ordered online / Waiting list in many branches / run out
(in parentheses: the number of days since the last drop online)

List of distributors Germany / List of distributors Austria

PlayStation 5 news for January / February / March 2022

  • 20.1. the new rainbow six extract – they ask*
  • 28.1. the new Uncharted: Thieves’ Legacy – they ask*
  • 4.2 the new death light 2 – important note
  • 10.2. the new edge of eternity – they ask*
  • 18.2. the new Horizon: Forbidden West – they ask*
  • 24.2. the new Assetto Corsa Competizione Day One Edition – they ask*
  • 25.2. the new elden ring – they ask*
  • 25.2. the new Network Legends – they ask*
  • 1.3 the new Alex 2 – they ask*
  • 4.3 the new Gran Turismo 7 – they ask*
  • 8.3 the new WWE 2K22 Deluxe – they ask*
  • 10.3. the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Signs of Ragnarok – they ask*
  • 15.3. the new Grand Theft Auto 5 (PlayStation 5)
  • 25.3. Little Tina’s Wonderland: The Next Level Edition – Pre-order*
  • What will come this year? PS5 2022 release list

PS5 + Green Electricity + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West - Now with E like simple (advertisement)
PS5 + Green Power + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West – Now with E for Easy (announcement)


All offers are valid while stocks last (early sale is possible):

  • competition Telekom offers three digital versions of PlayStation 5 (Entries closing date: April 10, 2022)
  • Elden Ring release version Including stickers, cards, stickers, patches, etc. for PS4 and PS5 €67.99* each.
  • Reduce co-payments Playstation 5 with Horizon: Forbidden West and 12 months of PlayStation Plus for an additional payment of €299 – now with “E wie SIMPLIFIED” green electricity and gas tariffs.
  • price reduction PlayStation 5 Console Covers / Interchangeable Side Panels (Face Covers) Midnight Black and Cosmic Red at Amazon under €47
  • DualSense Control In Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple – order now from Amazon, MediaMarkt and Saturn
  • Current PS5 market prices on eBay
  • The most popular new PS5 games on Amazon

We are very glad that our daily reports can help you with your console purchase. On popular request, we have included a digital coffee editorial log PayPal Setup – We say: Thank you very much and have fun with PlayStation 5!

Always well informed: Twitter It is our fastest channel on social media: there we refer regularly to PS5 sales campaigns at German retailers.

Message from March 17, 2022 (8:45 a.m.): Thursday morning is all about PlayStation Direct: Almost three weeks into the last campaign, the Sony factory outlet is once again showing PS5 consoles between 10:30 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Yesterday, the PlayStation manufacturer sent an email outlining to “invite” existing customers to sell their PS5 today. Our impression is that the number of invitees is much lower this time than on previous occasions, but that is only an impression so far.

The chance of being able to buy a PS5 on this occasion is high (especially compared to the “normal” drop). However, there is no guarantee that all contacted users will be able to purchase PlayStation.

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • sharing Just With Sony invite by mail (check your spam folder!)
  • Please check email to make sure it is correct (Shipping Just Yesterday around 3pm, sender address, greeting using PSN account)
  • The link cannot be passed (because it is personal)
  • shopping Just By credit card (Visa or MasterCard, number American Express!)
  • Please make sure to check in at 10:30 AM on time

It’s already happened that more online store consoles have been activated for everyone who follows the campaign – we think this time is a bit unlikely, but we don’t want to rule it out either.

You can find detailed information about the PS5 drop process in PlayStation Direct and many tips in this post.

The indication from Sony direct sales is not entirely without: Because business partners small and large have been waiting for delivery for weeks, sometimes months – and have to put off their customers again and again. At the same time, Sony sells consoles on its own in its own store – one can certainly talk about “taste” here.

Because the situation in the rest of the PS5 commerce remains depressing: Senders such as Amazon* and Otto* and electronics store chains such as MediaMarkt* and Saturn* & Co. have not received all. Any goods in March (mostly February as well). So the industry is sitting on dry land — and wondering: How does Sony Interactive actually want to get its planned console volumes to people by March 31st? Because then Sony’s fiscal year ends. In light of the few pallets that have recently been delivered to Europe, it seems ambitious to meet the announced sales targets. So we still have exciting weeks ahead.

If circulation is (temporarily) broken, other sources should be used – for example:

  • Classifieds on Ebay* or Ebay (current surcharge: around €200 compared to RRP)
  • Lottery – eg in Deutsche Telekom *.
  • Conclusion of a gas / electricity supply contract with E wie SIMPLIFIED * (additional payment for PS5 package: € 299 / delivery time 2 weeks after contract confirmation and bank transfer)

We currently have no evidence that Amazon* has received a delivery. However, we still recommend putting controllers on watch lists:

Amazon requires a Prime subscription to purchase PS5. Students and interns currently get Prime for six months free* and then pay 50 percent of the usual fee. This subscription can be canceled at any time. You can find tips about Amazon Drops in this article.

When has the retailer sold the PlayStation 5 since September 2021 (as of March 4, 2022)
When has the retailer sold the PlayStation 5 since September 2021 (as of March 4, 2022)

Please let us know by email when you can get the PlayStation 5 you pre-ordered or when you can get it. When bringing the newly arrived console to TwitterInstagram and Facebook, feel free to link to GamesWirtschaft or use the hashtag #PS5 landed – This is the fastest way to find you.

Buying PS5: Our March 2022 Watchlist (Green color = drops occurred)

PS5 bar instructions from GamesWirtschaft

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  • The PS5 bar is updated several times a day – We strive to monitor all major developments in the German-speaking market.
  • Once you open at least a medium-sized PS5 consoleWe will inform you first Our Twitter Channel.
  • Do you have tips, questions or hints? You can reach the editors via commenting, Twitteror Facebook or email.
  • Please don’t fall for the fake shops: A list of popular and trustworthy Sony business partners can be found on GamesWirtschaft (Germany/Austria)
  • We’re happy that our coverage can help you with your console purchase. If you wish, you can find our digital editorial coffee history at PayPal – of course completely optional. Thank you so much!

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