RKI records nearly 300,000 new infections

DrThe rate of new corona infection nationwide increased for seven days again. As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced Thursday morning, the world is now at 1651.4. The infection rate exceeded 1607.1 on Wednesday, the threshold of 1,600 new infections per 100,000 residents within seven days for the first time. A week ago the value was still at 1388.5.

As RKI also reported, citing data from health authorities, the absolute number of new infections reported within 24 hours on Thursday was 294,931. 262,593 new infections were reported the day before, compared to 262,752 last week. The total number of cases recorded in Germany since the beginning of the Corona pandemic has risen to 1,799,141.

According to the RKI, 278 more coronavirus-related deaths were recorded in 24 hours. The total number of corona deaths recorded in Germany has risen to 126,420.

JVA complete in quarantine

Due to several corona infections, an entire correctional facility with about 1,000 inmates in North Rhine-Westphalia has been under quarantine since Monday. A spokeswoman said Thursday that the Department of Ordinary Detention and Preventive Detention has been affected at Whirl Prison. Suster Anzeiger and Radio Helveg had earlier reported the case.

Initially, quarantine areas were set up in individual wards, but there were no longer enough places. With cases among inmates all over the place, the entire JVA was eventually put into quarantine. Detainees and security detainees are no longer allowed to leave their cells or rooms. Visiting is prohibited. Premises are closed. According to a JVA spokeswoman, the quarantine should initially last until March 28.

The subject of vaccination in the Bundestag

The prime ministers of the federal states will hold consultations with Chancellor Olaf Schultz on Thursday (SPD) on more Corona policy. As of Sunday, only a handful of coronavirus containment measures will be implemented across the board. It is possible to take further preventive measures for hot spots, that is, areas that are particularly affected. However, many federal states consider the regulation too inaccurate and also criticize the deletion of the list of measures as premature.

On Thursday, the Bundestag will discuss bills for vaccination against Corona for the first time. Representatives should decide on the various proposed models at the beginning of April.

In the morning the Federal Court of Justice will rule on state compensation for the hospitality industry in the pandemic. In the specific case, he sued a hotel with restaurants in Brandenburg, but a landmark ruling with consequences for many cases before German courts in Karlsruhe is expected.

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