Sebastian Vettel miss the opening match of the Bahrain season!

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Hülkenberg: Something special in the last few days before the start

Just yesterday, Nico Hulkenberg posted a new column on LinkedIn dealing with preseason. The days before the start of the new season have always been the best for him.

He writes: “For me personally, the days leading up to the start of the season have always been something special.” “All the media and sponsor appointments are completed in the winter, the body has recovered from last season and is preparing for this year in several training camps. You can feel the adrenaline slowly flowing into your veins and starting to tingle.”

This is even more true this year because no one really knows where it will be. “That’s exactly why I like this time so much. It’s a mixture of anticipation and knowing that you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you.”

“Overall, I was very comfortable in the days leading up to the first race, and I didn’t let that drive me crazy and focus on what I could really influence and improve.”

Is Hulkenberg still very relaxed after the news today?

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Hulkenberg before the big task

Of course, the task will not be easy for Nico Hulkenberg, because he is the only driver who has no previous experience with new Formula 1 cars. In recent years, as a substitute, he has at least been able to draw on his experience with the previous generation, but he hasn’t ridden a meter in the new AMR22.

The three free training sessions will be even more important. He has at least three hours before qualifying on Saturday.

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4. Hulkenberg’s “Operation Corona”

It will be the seventh time a Formula 1 driver has missed a race due to Corona – and Nico Hulkenberg has been used four times. The German has already replaced Sergio Perez at Silverstone in 2020 and Lance Stroll at the Nürburgring in the same year.

Lewis Hamilton, replaced by George Russell at Sacher, was also injured in 2020. Last year, Kimi Raikkonen had to pass in Zandvoort and Monza – Robert Kubica was driving.

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Bahrain: 3 DRS مناطق areas

Even if we have a new generation of cars this year, the DRS will stay with us. As in previous years, there will be three DRS areas in Bahrain.

Region 1 between curves 3 and 4. The measuring point is 50 meters before curve 1, the system can be activated 23 meters after curve 3.

Zone 2 between turns 10 and 11. The measuring point is ten meters before turning 9, the system can be activated 50 meters after turning 10.

Zone 3 at the beginning/end. Measurement point 110 meters before turning 14, the system can be activated after turning 170 meters.

As usual, the system can be used indefinitely in practically and rehabilitatively relevant areas; In the race, you must be within 1 second behind the person in front of you at the measuring point.

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McLaren: Google as a new partner

Zak Brown knows how to attract sponsors to McLaren. Now the CEO has struck a deal with one of the biggest names out there: Google.

The internet giant will be the team’s new partner and Android and Chrome logos will appear on the car and drivers’ equipment. The collaboration also applies to McLaren’s new Extreme E team.

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Ferrari calls for clarity in the mirror debate

Ferrari didn’t really agree with the mirror concept at Mercedes. The racing team’s opinion was that the arrangement in the W13 was partly following purely aerodynamic purposes – but that’s not in the spirit of the regulations. At a meeting of the technical committee this week, Mercedes’ dissolution was declared legal.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is now demanding clarity on exactly what is allowed and what is not. Basically because you are a burnt child. “No one questions the legitimacy of Mercedes’ solutions,” says Binotto.

“But in 2018, we installed mirrors attached to the halo – a solution that was legal as the regulations say. But after two races we had new technical guidance from the FIA ​​forced them to be removed,” he recalls.

“That’s the principle at stake,” said the Italian. “The FIA ​​has the authority to clarify this and I’m curious how the situation will develop in this case.”

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Engine penalties: They will be different in 2022

In 2022, teams will once again have to save on their engine parts. Despite the growing calendar, the allocation of individual engine parts remains unchanged compared to the previous year.

However, there is an innovation: while the gearbox previously had to last six consecutive weekends and could be replaced without penalty in the event of a failure, now it is also subject to such a quota.

You can find all the information about this in our news.

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Horner: Advice against Toto Wolff

This weekend, rivals Mercedes and Red Bull will meet in a race for the first time since the controversial World Cup final in Abu Dhabi.

We will see the tensions between the two teams – particularly between Red Bull boss Christian Horner and his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff.

“We’re totally different,” Horner said the last time about Wolff in the new season of Drive to Survive, contrasting again. Because while he is himself a “racer at heart,” Wolff has a different relationship to the sport.

“He has a financial background and is very budget-oriented,” he says. “Does he share the same passion as a racing driver? I have no idea. Will he still be here in 10 years or will he raise his money and be on his luxury yacht? I have no idea.”

However, Horner also emphasizes, “I don’t have any personal issues with Toto. He’s a guy who gets angry easily, so it’s always fun to tease him a little.”

Toto Wolff Christian Horner Red Bull Red Bull F1 ~ Toto Wolff Christian Horner ~

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Related times

Even if you’re not expecting an XXL press conference with all 20 drivers today, we’ve got a complete program for you. But first we want to give you the right times you need this weekend.

Friday, 1 p.m.: First free practice
Friday, 4 p.m.: 2nd free practice
Saturday, 1 p.m.: 3rd Free Training Session
Saturday, 4 p.m.: Qualifiers
Sunday, 4 p.m.: The race

Nothing else has changed in the weekend’s format, except that sessions tend to start later than scheduled due to a change of schedule. There are also three free practice sessions of one hour each, qualifying with Q1, Q2, Q3 and the sprint.

All information about TV broadcasting can be found in TV Overview.

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Welcome to the first media Thursday 2022…

…we usually say now. But because Formula 1 has changed its schedule, Media Thursday will be canceled entirely this year. This means that today is basically a normal Thursday for you and us too.

However, the start of the season is approaching. Can you believe we’ll see cars moving again tomorrow? One last time without her, we’ll get you in the mood for the season opener in Bahrain. This is doing on the keys today Norman Fisherwho welcomes you warmly here.

Do you have any questions or comments? Then use the contact form or the hashtag #FragMST on Twitter.

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