The attitude towards Ukraine has not changed with difficulty

DrHe claimed that the tipping point is just hot air. Indeed, it was worth its own celebration to hear the Ukrainian president from the capital, which was threatened by the invading Russian forces.

Because Silinsky speaks, as German politicians did not tire of emphasizing, as a European. He also speaks as a victim of the violation of civilization. And you have to be thankful for every moment a Ukrainian lives, whether it’s a president or a pregnant woman in no man’s land, that he can testify.

But for the Bundestag Presidium, this speech was just one of many items on the agenda. So, Vice-President of the Bundestag, Catherine Goering-Eckhardt, followed the agenda: birthday greetings and a reminder later to wear the mask properly.

This type and form shows that something has changed in Germany thus far, at best in terms of disturbing rhetoric. In any case, the political leadership is still deep in the old pattern of innocence. While thousands of citizens are actively helping refugees, and some have even set out to a war zone, Parliament lacks any sense of the time, danger, and importance of the moment.

This does not bode well for the promises of billions made without further ado. Sure, one has experience with support and cushioning, and that will work. But military capacity and security of supply would not arise in such a bubble. Nobody wants to hear gunshots. But in Ukraine they fall. A live target of Putin’s aggressive war appeared in Parliament. One wonders anxiously: If you don’t hear that shot, what do you hear anyway?

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