The perfect relationship killer for video gamers on the test

The woman veiled in black asks: “Did he catch you?” A selfless display in a cruel world where a little closeness never hurts. Put your head in its lap and forget about the pain for a moment. What no one tells you: A hug costs five percent of your life energy, which can be deadly in the fight against the next tree guard. Nothing is offered for free in the “Elden Ring,” and nothing is explained either.

How do I activate the Dectus Lift? Where can I get the double blade amulet? And how he defeated the Red Wolf in Radagon? Google searches are filled with tutorials for the new video game from the developers of Dark Souls. No wonder, given that Japanese development studio From Software is known to confront players with such dominant opponents that one is often tempted to throw the console against the wall. “Soulslike” – a game in the context of Dark Souls – has become a genre of its own, which promises a dark atmosphere and a frustratingly high level of difficulty at the same time.

“Smeared” between life and death

Elden’s new ring is no exception. She doesn’t even bother explaining her plot, she just gets a glimpse here and there among the many onscreen deaths. It’s not particularly complicated: the Elden Ring named after the Elden Ring has been destroyed, and its individual parts are owned by five powerful demigods. The protagonist, a “polluter” between life and death, rides his ghostly horse through the Medieval Lands to seek and eliminate demigods in their strongholds, putting the Ring back together to become the ancient lord.

The first thing that comes to mind is Lord of the Rings, but the Elden Ring isn’t a ring you put on your finger – it’s more like a wonderful circle that holds the world together when it isn’t broken. Game of Thrones intrigues aren’t thought of when playing, but series maker George R.R. Martin has been involved with Elden Ring. However, as he explained on his blog, it was not more about the plot but more about “world building”. The collaboration also dates back years: “Video games are as big as movies (bigger) now… and it takes the same time to develop.”

It’s hard to imagine how long it must take to develop such a giant game. Elden Ring offers material for at least three games. For the first time, the creators of Dark Souls strive for a truly open game world with a huge world map that even the best scouts will find difficult to navigate. The hidden clues you get from other characters don’t help you much either. New types of enemies, optional boss battles, or strange items you don’t know what’s good for her are waiting everywhere. On the contrary, when riding over the hill and valley, it can easily happen that you miss an essential item. The reviewer wondered for hours why he couldn’t summon spirits like the professionals do in YouTube videos. At some point he realizes he missed the witch Rina at first – and with it the ghost call.

step by step:

Alone Alone: ​​The “smeared” between life and death.

Photo: Bandai Namco

When I finally worked with professional necromancy, the game suddenly became easier on some difficulty levels. If you’re up against a strong Obermotz, just send a couple of ghost wolves to distract you. The giant hit them both and stabbed him in the back without anyone noticing. Otherwise, it is important to memorize precisely the movement patterns of strong opponents. If you panic and dodge for a moment too soon, you lose, and the attack time window is small.

Defeated enemies, a huge game world, and encrypted storytelling make Elden Ring a game that you can lock yourself in for days if you so choose. Anyway, the developers have downplayed the advertised 30 hours of playing time for the main story. Streamer and Youtuber Michael “Lobos Jr” Villalobos, one of the Souls’ most famous players, claims to have struggled with one elective coach fight for 14 hours. Since there are no trending new games in Corona Times, it seems that the community has been waiting for an activity of this kind that will make time. On the Metacritic rating platform, Elden Ring rose to the release as one of the highest rated games of all time.

However, a warning must be issued here: it is better not to start with the Elden Ring at all, or you will test your partnership. It is no coincidence that the player’s bread is smeared everywhere between that and that he is “virginless”, that is, “without a woman” or simply “virgin” – if you have to save the world, you will not have time for tenderness.

elden ring Available for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox, from 49 to 68 euros.

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