These are the things that men miss the most

Relationships are wonderful. But at some point the routine begins and the things that were there in the beginning slowly disappear. We’ve summed up what men miss most in a partnership according to couple therapists.

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Everyone knows it: the honeymoon phase. You can’t believe your luck and your partner simply can’t do anything wrong – life without your new loved one would be unimaginable now. indeed Even in the most passionate of relationships, the pink veil eventually disappears and reality slowly begins. At least when you pick up the other in sweatpants and slouch on the undesigned couch, the first sparks from the initial stage fly and the fact that the other is just a human becomes more and more apparent. Of course, this stage of the partnership also has its charms: the lover becomes your best friend and you can allow yourself to go in front of the other without hesitation. After all, there’s nothing better than an evening of Netflix together and deep conversations about everything and everything, is there? But in the context of a relationship, women don’t just miss the things that were there in the beginning. Men also often feel that their desires are ignored in their daily routine. Here we reveal the things that men miss the most in a long-term relationship. And no, it’s not sex!

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1. Your freedom

Sometimes everyday life as a couple and living together is too much, and not just for us. Almost half of men in relationships miss their freedom and would like more freedom in their relationship. Undisturbed soccer evenings or a mountain hike with the boys on the weekend – especially in a long-term relationship, many men long for the adventures and spontaneity of the past, when they were single and felt good. But many men expect distrust and disappointment when they express their desires. Couple therapist Sigrid Sonnenholzer advises: Give each other some time! A aimless motorbike ride with buddies might not gain much understanding from us at first, but if we’re being honest, we don’t mind a bit of a break and like to use the time to meet friends and finally try new ones a yoga class or enjoy a relaxing evening at home with wine and a face mask – No loud background noise coming from Playstation. Gorgeous!

2. Looseness and tolerance

While the first few months were exciting and easy, most relationships settle into routine over time. And women in particular are more organized when it comes to plans and attach great importance to a complete appointment calendar – a nightmare for many men, as it not only takes away freedom, but also eases the partnership. Couples therapist Eric Heijman says: “Men often miss the opportunity to quickly get out of everyday life – preferably with their partners.” If you then stop laughing at his jokes, he’ll lose all the fun, too. Our tip: Fun is the secret recipe for a successful, long-term relationship. Spontaneous trips and little surprises are the key to his heart. And most importantly, don’t forget to laugh!

3. Appreciation

Although our society is now slowly rejecting the classic arrangement in which the man is the breadwinner of the family, the image of the man as the breadwinner still exists in 2021. As some studies show, many women still desire a provider, and the masters of creation often feel responsible For everything takes its natural and orderly course, regardless of actual financial conditions. Too much responsibility can have negative effects on a man and a relationship, and many men feel that their efforts are not recognized by their partner. “They want to be recognized for the effort,” Couples therapist Eric Heijman explains. Our tip: Show him that you are interested in his daily office life and ask questions when he tells you about projects or professional developments. Because it’s often the little things that make a respectful relationship.

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