These innovations await us with version 2.20

The Corona Warning app is currently being distributed in version 2.19. Includes modifications to customize certificates. This means, for example, that slight differences in noun and noun suffixes are ignored, so that certificates remain assigned to the same person. Behind the scenes, the project team around Deutsche Telekom, SAP and RKI are already working on the next version. Since the source code is publicly available via GitHub, we can already take a look at what to expect from the upcoming update. Up front: It will be a little more comprehensive than recent updates.

After updating to version 2.20 of the app, the Corona Warning app only shows an increased risk for 10 days after encountering the danger instead of the previous 14 days. In addition, the risk index is adjusted after a positive test result. However, in the future, after facing the risks, the increased risks will appear in the form of a red slab. Seven days after the positive test, the risk status is permanently displayed again.

The message about the status change is also modified. Until now, there was no push notification for high-risk encounters, so you always had to log into the app – this is no longer the case with notification. You will also be notified of status changes after the app has been updated. This can be the case, for example, if you add a new certificate or because the rules have changed. The notification is on the Certificates tab.

Changes will also come to you if you submit a redemption certificate in the Corona-Warn-App. The validity date is no longer shown here, because the validity depends on local rules. Instead, the app displays the date of the first positive test so that it can be quickly checked if a check is taken.

In addition, they cleaned up a bit and removed the double QR code. This is not required in the certificate details screen currently in use, as there is already a QR code for the respective certificate in the certificate overview.

Increasing the risk index shortening
Increased risk is shown after exposure to risk for only 10 days instead of 14 days.

View risk after positive test result
Even if you have tested positive in the Corona-Warn-App, the red box for increased risk will now be displayed after facing the risk. Seven days after a positive test, their risk status is permanently displayed again.

The message of facing new dangers
If you had another increased risk encounter after taking a risk, you will now see a notification of that.

Message about changing mode
If your status changes (eg by adding a certificate or because the rules have changed), you will be notified in the Certificates tab.

Redemption certificates without expiration dates
Validity dates are no longer shown for redemption certificates, since validity is determined by local rules. Instead, the date of the first positive test is now shown.

Duplicate QR code removed
The QR code for your currently in use certificate has been removed from the details screen for you. The QR code is also in the certificate overview, so it is not required on the details screen.

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