They traveled despite the war and Corona – this is how things go!

Where to go in the summer The uncertainty is great, above all because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. So now you can plan and secure your trip.

The basics in brief

  • The war in Ukraine darkens the potential for summer vacation relaxation.
  • But there are layout options that also work in light of the global situation.
  • Flexible tariffs, cancellation offers and travel policies provide booking security.

Despite the lax rules of corona in many holiday countries and easy entry into Europe: carefree travel can still be challenging in these times.

Above all, the Russian attack on Ukraine is fueling new suspicions. War in Europe – For many, holidays are out of the question.

And those who are planning ask themselves: Is this a good time for a Baltic cruise? Can I really travel to Bulgaria?

And what if I’d rather not go to Mallorca in the summer because of the global situation?

The truth is that fear or insecurity is not a reason to cancel. Travel attorney Paul Degott makes it clear.

It is recommended to insure yourself when booking and explain in advance under what circumstances and to what extent you can cancel the trip in advance without giving a reason.

If in doubt, choose Flexible Tariffs

The coronavirus pandemic has brought at least one good thing for travelers here: tour operators are becoming more flexible with cancellation and rebooking options.

Some so-called flexi options are already included when booking. If not, it’s a good idea to reserve it, says Carolina Wojtal of Germany’s European Consumer Center.

“Yes, tariffs are often expensive, but they are not so great that they destroy you,” she says. It is definitely recommended, especially for expensive trips and family holidays with children.

Because the war in Ukraine with its unexpected consequences for the summer travel season is one thing. Corona on the other side is still present as well.

Many countries are no longer high-risk areas, which makes a lot of things easier. But it cannot be ruled out once again declaring states to be high-risk or virus-altering regions, even at short notice before a flight.

With flexible options, you should read the tariff details carefully – for example, how short a delay before the start of the trip you can cancel.

Wojtal advises that you expressly state in your travel contract that you have reserved the option and under what circumstances cancellation is possible.

Adjust travel insurance if necessary

Additional protection can be obtained through travel insurance. However, unlike with Flex definitions, you need a reason to activate them, according to Logtal.

Fear or changing your mind about the trip are not reasons.

Common reasons for claiming such a policy are sickness, accident, loss of job and pregnancy as per tariff.

According to Logtal, older policies in particular often contain pandemic exclusion clauses and often exclude trips to countries where there is a travel warning.

She advises: you should check it and, if necessary, ask the insurance company to adjust it.

Given the uncertainties caused by the war in Ukraine, travel agencies and tour operators are likely to show goodwill more often – for example when it comes to requests for rebooking.

The sensitivity of the travel industry in this area is great.

Stay tuned for individual trips

Unlike group trips, you are generally not well protected on self-assembled trips.

“I rely on the terms of the partner’s contract,” says Carolina Wojtal. “In addition, for example, in the case of holiday accommodation, the law of the country in which the property is located often applies.”

Travelers should also ensure that the contractual terms of the individual service providers allow for cancellation or at least rebooking of a flight they have assembled themselves.

According to Logtal, this is not as prevalent as with package tours, but in their experience, some providers have already interacted and offered more flexibility.

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