TOG (The Office Group) prepares for the future in Germany with a new Managing Director and a new Head of Sales | News

TOG (The Office Group) has been one of the most successful providers of flexible workspaces in Great Britain for 19 years. TOG’s portfolio includes more than 50 workplaces in the UK and Germany. Two more locations will follow in Berlin this year. Together with American investment firm Blackstone, TOG expanded into the German market in late summer 2020 in the middle of the Corona pandemic. With Kontorhaus in Berlin, Oper46 in Frankfurt and Haus am Domplatz in Hamburg, TOG not only places great importance on high-quality buildings, unique design and first-class locations, but the company also offers flexible contract models, opportunities, areas, services and even individually designed entire buildings for each client at unit.

The crisis has shown how important flexibility is – for both employers and employees. “The whole world is talking about hybrid work,” TOG founders and co-CEOs Olly Olsen and Charlie Green say. “The surveys show that after the crisis there is hardly a company in Germany that will return to the office with all its employees. This is why flexible office solutions will be more important than ever after the pandemic.” The new Germany team must master this challenge and adapt TOG to the needs new German companies.

concept of the future

TOG sees itself on the path to adapt to the changing needs of its customers and sets an example with the new Germany team and two new buildings in Berlin, the “Linden Palais” and the “Pressehaus Podium”. Because the demands of people in their workplace and the future of work have not only changed since the Corona pandemic.

The new TOG team in Germany

Janine David has been responsible for the German business as General Manager for Germany since January 1, 2022. The qualified attorney has over ten years’ experience as a Managing Director at premium fitness studio provider Holmes Place. “People are different, they work differently and have different requirements in their workplace,” says Janine David. “This has to be acknowledged and taken into account. The world of work and its needs are constantly changing. From my point of view, not many people understand that yet, but TOG did. It inspired me from the start and amazed me with the brand.”

Janine David sees her mission as establishing TOG in the German market to provide flexible office space with respect to local characteristics while at the same time ensuring a globally unified brand. It has set itself the task of driving the business model forward and proving that it is sustainable and viable in the German market. She wants to make sure that TOG is the best product available on the market. “In addition to distinctive design, TOG stands for exceptional customer service, sustainable working relationships, and advancement in the world of work,” says David. “The challenge will be to maintain this high level of innovation by always looking ahead and thinking ahead.”

Janine David will be supported by Florian Capis, the newly appointed Head of Sales at TOG in Germany. The sales specialist has over 13 years of professional experience in the flexible office industry. Florian Kappes manages all sales activities and supports the topic of real estate acquisition for TOG in Germany with his local portfolio managers. “During my many years in the resilient industry, I have not found any service provider that skillfully combines special buildings with unique design and still forms a unifying brand,” says Florian Capis. TOG’s DNA is doing well in the German market, but still sees an opportunity to better adapt individual regions to the German market. Its goal is to become the most successful TOG provider in Germany.

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