Ukraine has not yet reached Strela missiles

DrThe Federation strongly criticized the federal government for its attitude towards Ukraine. Aside from the initially announced rocket-propelled grenades and Stinger missiles, nothing has reached Kyiv so far. No more than 1,000 old Strela missiles have been delivered, and further inquiries from Ukraine have not been addressed. The union also strongly criticized the way the government factions dealt with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Contrary to the wishes of the CDU and the CSU, there will be no discussion on Wednesday after a video speech from Zelenskyj, but at the request of the Traffic Light Alliance, there will be no discussion of compulsory vaccination. The parliamentary group said one was horrified about it. The deputy chair of the Parliamentary Group, Johann Wadfull (CDU), told FAZ that this “meet neither our demands for a lively parliamentary democracy nor the unique international situation. One gets the impression that Berlin wants to suppress the war.”

It was noted with astonishment that Chancellor Olaf Schulz (Social Democratic Party) did not want to make any government statements either at the upcoming EU summit or at the NATO summit. “The lack of information from Parliament is scandalous,” Wadfall said, and demanded: “If the first handover is aimed not only at appeasement of the local conscience, but in fact in defense of a free, sovereign state, then more must follow. Both the German army can The German arms industry will provide more material.”

There is also discontent over the alleged refusal of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) to speak to the opposition about the planned special fund. In addition, it was noted with alarm that on Monday the minister had already announced the spending of billions of dollars on combat aircraft from a fortune that does not yet exist.

“The fact that we expect our approval of a constitutional amendment, but are not involved in the design of the blanket measure, is parliamentary insolence,” Wadfall said. The coalition should know that “we will not agree at this point in time.” Silence towards the opposition threatens the project of the Special Fund.

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