Werder Bremen: Defense Puzzle! This is how Werner managed to rebuild against Darmstadt!

Bremen – It was all about defense, almost the entire time, which wasn’t a huge surprise considering the current state of the personnel at SV Werder Bremen. After all – at least that is what journalists and head coach Uli Werner thought during a media tour on Tuesday afternoon – Bremen will be without regular players, captain Omer Toprak and Marco Friedel, for their next home game against Darmstadt 98. He is undoubtedly a major weakness. Werner spoke of “a stick flying between our legs” and then asserted defiantly and firmly: “Now we have to make the most of this situation.” Problem: To what extent the said situation worsened after only a few hours, the -general must not be known.

“Mitchell Weiser has a cramp” – that was the headline of the message that Werder Bremen It was announced at 2:36 p.m., emblazoned with the addition: “Outside track players will be out for several weeks.” first Werners Personal puzzle now for the first time before the match against SV Darmstadt 98 To solve it definitely reached a higher level of difficulty. at Omar Toprak And the Marco Friedel two-thirds failure series of three already established. Across Mitchell sageStuck on the right wing in recent weeks, he is now missing one of those pros who transform a defensive formation into a five-man streak when opponents grab the ball.

Werder Bremen: After Omer Toprak and Marco Friedel, Mitchell Weiser is the third defender out

“Now what am I supposed to complain about? It doesn’t make things any easier, but we will send a group that can win a game on the field on Saturday.” Uli Werner In the afternoon via Weisers infectionwhich the 27-year-old suffered during the 2-1 defeat at Heidenheim, which was only discovered after that.
Mitchell Weiser He was replaced by Werner after 84 minutes, but not for health reasons, but for tactical reasons, like him Coach From SV Werder Bremen “At Eren Dinke, I wanted to bring an offensive player to the final stage,” he explained. Weiser only felt pain on the return trip and for the next day. The final diagnosis of “muscle bundle tear” was made Tuesday by team physician Dr. Daniel Hellermann. Werner was hoping for much better news from the medical department during the noon media tour. in vain.

So far it was Coach During his time in Bremen, he almost completely survived the misfortune with injuries, which played an important role in Werder’s strong streak, which temporarily brought the team to the top of the league. 2 Bundesliga Promotion. From his eleven matches as coach of Werder so far Uli Werner Nine times series of three Friedel, Toprak and Milos Velikovic on the field from the start. Just before the success of 2-1 SV Werder Bremen In Rostock (because Velikovic had groin problems) and more recently in Heidenheim (because Toprak had already injured his calf), he had to change his starting lineup in defence. During the Heidenheim match, Friedel suffered a groin contusion and an abdominal muscle injury. And the Mitchell Weiser Just that muscle bundle tearing, which Werner said, “hasn’t been done in two weeks.”

Werder Bremen: Coach Uli Werner relied on the same players in defense in nine of his eleven matches.

In light of the fact that three players from the starting lineup are now playing against them Darmstadt 98 Missing, the question arises whether first Werner In this match he prefers 3-5-2 three- respectively series of five Hold on tight, or turn into a chain of four. “We are not committed to playing 3-5-2 forever,” he closed before the news at noon Mitchell Weiser He said. However, in the past few weeks the staff and system have gotten together very well and really found each other. “Of course we have to think about this now,” he said. Coach From SV Werder Bremen.

Werder’s next shock! Now Marvin Ducksch is also out against Darmstadt 98!

should Uli Werner against SV Darmstadt 98 In the series of three / five Wait, Anthony Young, Milos Velikovic and Nikolai Raab should make up the center back, along with the wing players. Felix Ajo (Left) Replace Wiser Manuel Mbom (to the right). Usually Agu will be with Werder Bremen The first choice for the role of Weiser, but since the failure of Friedl, the 21-year-old has been used to represent Jung on the left, because he, in turn, has to move to the middle in favor of Friedl. very complicated. And if so, it will not be tried in this lineup.

Werder Bremen: Uli Werner has to rebuild his defense – and could turn Nikolai Raab into a centre-back

After all, this alternative will have the advantage that the team against SV Darmstadt 98 You can continue to play in the usual order. should Uli Werner Plan instead with four defenders in a row, that’s probably Felix agoAnd the Anthony smallAnd the Milos Velikovic And the Manuel bomb You know. He wanted to look at his cards Coach From SV Werder Bremen Not surprisingly not with his defense plans. He simply said “our job is to find a solution that works on the weekend” – and outlined at least what part of that task is for each individual pro on the team: “It will now depend on everyone, crucially in the group bring him inside not just the seasoned players.” It is the only way to counteract the failures of the top three performers, Toprak, Friedl and Weiser, on and off the field.

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who – which Werder Bremen It is already certain that we will have to lay off these players even after the international break. In the worst case, it could be tight with a comeback before the end of the season. If things really go badly, more parts can be added to the great defense puzzle in the coming weeks. Anthony small He currently has four yellow cards and is about to be suspended – as is the defensive midfielder Christian Gross. Milos Velikovic He has been warned three times so far. (dco)

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