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“Hartz and warm”: Pascal fell in love with a fan of the social documentary RTLZWEI. His new flame gives the 20-year-old girl expensive gifts:

For five years now, the show “Hartz und Friendly”* has been delighting RTLZWEI viewers. In the former working class area, neighbor assistance, warmth and community are extremely important. Benz Barracks in Mannheim * now known throughout Germany. Many fans join the excitement in front of the TV every week and want to be a part of the daily life of Elvis, Catherine, Jeanine and their brother Pascal. This was reported by MANNHEIM24 *

Broadcasting Hartz and Cordial – Day by day Benz Barracks
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‘Hartz and Warm’: A long-distance affair at the Benz Barracks – Pascal’s great love comes from Kusel

In the new season, which has been on TV since January 2022, viewer favorites give an insight into their lives around family, unemployment, and everyday life with Hartz IV. Happily 20-year-old Pascal has been set for five months* and is sharing news of his relationship with RTLZWEI viewers. In the 60th episode of the program “Hartz und Herzen”, Pascal called his sister Janine and presented her with the luxurious gift he had received from his beloved.

Since Pascal is in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Michelle, Sister Janine rarely sees her brother. The 20-year-old inhabitant of the cottage enjoys nature and tranquility in Kusel (Rhineland-Palatinate), 100 kilometers away. To find out how her brother works, the twin mother starts a video call. She wants to “check” what Pascal is doing because he’s been with his partner for so long. *”I last saw him two weeks ago,” says Jamal, “Hartz and warm.”

‘Hartz and Dudial’ at Benz Barracks © RTL II

‘Heartz and Warm’: Janine is worried about her unemployed brother – ‘What’s up…?’

Janine would also like to know how the work position scale is going, which the 20-year-old is leaving because of his newfound love. “What about the measure?” She asks her brother directly. The answer comes right away: “I’m waiting for a new appointment from the duty station,” says Pascal on the TV show. Her brother’s behavior is a thorn in the side of the young mother – after all, Michelle’s friend was going to work while Pascal was sitting at home doing nothing.

Pascal does not want to put aside his sister’s claims. It is impossible for him to sit and live today: “Sitting at home all day – it’s not right. He answered on the video call. The single parent doesn’t believe her ears and wonders what happened to her brother – because in Mannheim, at home, little Barclair would not even lift a finger at home.” Boy what happened to you? I can’t believe it,” she explains to the 20-year-old.

Hartz & Dudial: Pascal is looking for vocational training

Pascal’s girlfriend is doing an apprenticeship. On the other hand, Janine’s brother still lacks a career perspective. Nevertheless, he applied for an apprenticeship as a salesman in a bakery, as he proudly explains to his sister over the phone. When a young mother asks her brother: “Have you found out what you need to do there and what you need?” Pascal must admit that he has never found out and has never been to this bakery before – not even on the homepage. Janine is surprised and tries to motivate her little brother: “Show your girlfriend and mother that you are a big person, and you can do it!”

‘Hartz and Woodall’ at Benz Barracks: A friend buys Pascal’s jewellery

Janine thinks it’s time for Pascal to get back on his feet and make money himself. The 20-year-old is unaffected by Janine’s speech. Other things seem more important to him: he proudly holds his wrist in the camera, which is adorned with a new bracelet. His great love gave him this wonderful piece of jewelry. And that’s not all: Pascal seems to be overwhelmed with luxurious gifts from his girlfriend – after all, new shoes and a necklace have jumped out of the barracks.

“See, she just buys you things. You need money sometimes, boy,” Janine says over the phone. The young mother of twins knows that Pascal does well in Kossel, 100 kilometers away, and that Michelle and her mother have taken in the old girl 20. But the fact that he can barely save himself from fancy gifts is new to her. “Boy, you’re equipped like a pimp!” TikToker says on the TV show, she thinks her brother desperately needs work. (Sic)*MANNHEIM24 is an offering from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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