With update 1.03, Elden Ring fulfills one of the map’s biggest wishes

Elden Ring has released its next patch with update 1.03. It is supposed to fix some annoying problems and bring some new items that will make your life easier. There were also some buffs and techniques. MeinMMO summarizes the most important changes for you.

This is in update 1.03: The new patch is the largest since its release on February 25. It includes technical improvements, new features and items such as map icons and also title balancing.

Players are especially pleased with the new icons that now display found quests and dealer NPCs on your map. In addition, one of the best weapons will be weakened.

What exactly is in the update, we summarize for you here. You can also find the exact patch notes on Bandai Namco’s official website.

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Elden Ring 1.03 Update Patch Notes

These are the most important changes from the patch notes: The update is divided into three categories.

  • Newly added items
  • Bug fixes and technical improvements
  • Balance changes

We go over the most important things from the respective fields.

New map icons, NPC and expanded missions

These are the main innovations: Perhaps one of the most exciting new features is the new map icons. From now on, these will show you the items that were found, the mission that was found, and the non-playable characters of the merchant.

This is especially useful, as you can quickly lose a few tasks in the huge world thanks to developer FromSoftware’s usually encrypted storytelling and lose tasks.

There are also a few quest steps for the following NPCs:

  • Dialos
  • Neville Lux
  • Kenneth Height
  • gatekeeper jostock

It is not yet clear how broad the further mission steps will be. Also, you can now often summon NPCs to help out in boss fights.

Those who like to ride across the Middle Earth at night can now enjoy the nighttime soundtrack in some additional areas.

He plays a new character, Jarre Byrne. However, what all this is about has not yet been discovered.

Elden Ring pounces on the Sword of Night and Flame, but also provides buffs

These are the main balance changes: As many expected and already hoped, the latest update also addresses balance. One of the most powerful weapons was currently affected, the Night Sword and Torch.

This reduced the damage caused by the previously overcome weapon ability. The powerful Hoarfrost Stomp has also been flipped and its time increased.

Previously, Ash of War was one of the most powerful in the game and could cause Frost and Bleed to be inflicted at the same time if paired with the appropriate weapon.

Other balancing changes:

  • Mourning stones will be found more frequently on NPCs in the future and they have a higher chance of falling on some enemies.
  • Shield effectiveness has been increased.
  • Some offensive crafting items have been improved.
  • Some spells now use less FP and deal more damage.
  • The previously very powerful Mimic Tear is weakened and deals less damage, but gets an extended range of motion.

It is said that there are other balance changes to enemies and weapons that are not detailed in the patch notes.

In any case, the update will have an impact on our list of levels with all 309 weapons in order. It is not clear from the list if the great Moonville katana was also affected. However, players reported that the talent should do much less damage in a pose (via reddit).

Elden Ring: How to find the Moonveil Katana, one of the best weapons in the game

Many bug fixes and performance improvements

These are the main technical improvements: Elden Ring has some teething problems at first. Perhaps the biggest is the unstable performance.

According to the patch notes, this should be improved with update 1.03. How exactly and to what extent can be said only after more detailed tests.

  • However, some of the most important fixes have to do with scaling values ​​for weapons that haven’t worked properly yet. This aims to properly power up mystical power on previously broken weapons (such as Bloody Streams and Eleonora’s Polearm).
  • The “heavy” scaling, which you can unlock with ashes of war on your weapons and which depends on the strength property, also works and lastly.
  • Otherwise, the patch brings a number of fixes for smaller and larger issues. For example, this fixes a bug where a player character could freeze while riding a horse.

Many of the changes are related to specific events such as rewards not being activated properly and therefore not being received by some. Some problems with enemy behavior are said to have now been resolved.

PC performance, which has been causing problems for gamers since release, is said to have not improved even after the patch (via reddit)

Players are especially pleased with the cheap forged map codes and stones

Here’s what players are saying about the changes: On the Elden Ring subreddit, the first reactions were mostly positive.

Map symbols for NPCs in particular are well received. Because it can often be difficult to track down NPCs to keep track of their missions. lou_fox says: “I have a lot of my own tags for this 2 [NPCs] Used, I’m glad I no longer have to track it down.”

Reduced prices for smaller stones are also welcome, as they are actually a bit cheaper, as reddit user Babagannouge wrote: “I just checked regular Smithston prices on Twin Maiden Husks and they’ve been drastically reduced. Stone Busy [8] It went from 12,000 to 3,600 runes.”

In addition, players are delighted with the expanded missions: “Holy Pig, you accomplished the tasks. I wasn’t expecting this, especially less than a month after his release.”

It is not yet possible to assess how the balance changes will be received. However, many expected it, and initial tests by players show that Hoarfrost Stomper does only a third of the original damage.

We will monitor how changes are made and how balance adjustments will affect your current identification.

What do you think of the update? Are you satisfied with the patch notes, or are you missing important things?

The update doesn’t seem to change anything on the Elden Ring HUD. Despite the controversy, players argue about the simplified interface of Elden Ring: “It’s high-performance and poorly optimized”

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