An emotional statement about the BSI allegations

In a public statement, Eugene Kaspersky defends himself against the FBI’s allegations. These are purely based on speculation. He also found clear words for the war in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the Federal Office for Information Security issued a warning against the use of the products of the Russian security company Kaspersky. The integrity of the company’s servers cannot be verified, so the use of Kaspersky products presents a purported security risk.

Now, the company’s founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, is responding to the allegations with an emotional statement. In this open letter, posted on the official Kaspersky blog on Wednesday, he not only laments the war in Ukraine, but also defends himself against the FBI’s assessment, which is based solely on “speculation.”

‘Unprovoked attack on my company’

“Without going into details, I can say that these allegations are speculation, not supported by any objective evidence or technical details,” Kaspersky wrote in the letter.

There is also the conclusion that the decision must have been made by the FBI only for political reasons, since, according to him, there is no reliable evidence for the allegations.

“With all due respect, I consider BSI’s decision an unjustified attack on my company and especially Kaspersky employees in Germany and Europe.”

According to its own data, Kaspersky has also offered to cooperate with BSI in order to eliminate concerns through additional technical analysis and examination of the offered security products.

According to Kaspersky, BSI appears to be avoiding contact with German employees and has yet to respond to such offers.

Strong words about the war in Ukraine

According to Kaspersky, it is necessary, especially in such crises, for the cybersecurity industry, “which is based on trust and cooperation to protect digital communications […] Bennett, continues to rely on cooperation, transparency and understanding and does not isolate itself from each other.

Kaspersky also finds clear words about the war in Ukraine, which the Russian media can only describe as a “military operation”. It was a “tragedy that has already brought suffering to the innocent and to our deeply interconnected world [ausgewirkt hat]He changed the world and “families, relationships, and partnerships.” […] in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and around the world in a dramatic way.”

Kaspersky can inadvertently become a war actor

BSI mainly uses the letter IT security mode In Russia. Because of the Russian government’s warlike actions in Ukraine, Kaspersky is particularly at risk of being selected as a target for cyberattacks.

Plus, I’m RussianT Maker Like Kaspersky, they can also become players in the war themselves, for example if a company has to – even against its will or inadvertently – participate in attacks on the infrastructure or target systems of the alleged enemy.

However, as per the current situation, there is no reliable evidence for the allegations. BSI also expressed concerns because reports became known last week that Russia wants to increase its control over the Internet and isolate itself from the global network as much as possible.

According to BSI, users of the company’s antivirus software and powers that represent special security interests are particularly at risk. Critical infrastructure operators can also be affected. The FBI recommends that all such users replace the group’s software with alternative products from other manufacturers.

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