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MotoGP World Champion Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) was just 0.014sec below the best test time set by Paul Espargaro (Honda) at Mandalica in February. But what’s it worth looking forward to a GP weekend?

Fabio Quartararo finished Mandalika’s February test with the second best time, but after a disappointing ninth place in the season opener in Doha/Qatar, the champion also cautioned ahead of the Indonesia Grand Prix.

“It was tough because I was expecting a lot from the Qatar Grand Prix. And it was hard to understand, year after year you find yourself again on P9 as a winner,” admitted the 22-year-old Frenchman, who laid the foundation for a successful season by winning the Doha 2 last year. . “But this time we didn’t have three days of testing there and in the end we just didn’t have control. We tried something in the race and the air pressure wasn’t right from the start. It was a very tough race, but you always learn from the tough moments.”

Interesting: Quartararo won the 2021 Doha race in 42:23.997 minutes, this year he finished only ninth after 42:23.741 minutes, although he was 0.256 seconds faster than his winning time last year.

But the focus is now on the upcoming showdown in Lombok. “We’ve been quick in tests here – but the tests and the races are always very different,” Quartararo knows. “Let’s see what we can achieve.”

The Yamaha Works rider put the test results from February into perspective, but he also stated regarding the layout of the Mandalika Street Circuit (the longest running only 507m): “Shorter straights suited us better. But it was just a test drive. I set the lap time in The last minutes of the third day, and Paul was already in the hole. He did his lap in the morning when I felt it was more difficult.”

However: “I felt comfortable on the bike during testing, the pace was good, but like I said: the tire distribution is different, the asphalt is new in some sections… We now have Fridays and Saturdays – depending on the weather – around that to understand everything. What is certain is that I will do my best to be there and fight where we can be.”

When will we see the “real Yamaha” and its potential for 2022? “The real Yamaha is the one we saw in Qatar. I don’t think nor have I heard that there will be anything really new. This is the real Yamaha,” the champion said briefly.

MotoGP result, Doha, March 6:

1. Enea Bastianini, Ducati, 22 laps at 42: 13.198 minutes
2. Brad Bender, KTM, +0.346sec
3. Paul Espargaro, Honda +1.351
4. Alex Espargaro, Aprilia, +2,242
5. Marc Marquez, Honda +4.099
6. Joan Mir, Suzuki +4,843
7. Alex Raines, Suzuki +8.810
8- Johann Zarco – Ducati +10.536
9- Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha, +10.543
10. Takaaki Nakagami, Honda, +14967
11- Franco Morbidelli, Yamaha, +16712
12. Maverick Vinales, Aprilia, +23.216
13- Luca Marini – Ducati +27,283
14. Andrea Dovizioso, Yamaha +27.374
15. Remy Gardner, KTM, +41.107
16. Darren Bender, Yamaha +41.119
17. Fabio di Gianantonio, Ducati +41.349
18. Raul Fernandez, KTM, +42.357
– Jorge Martin, Ducati, 11 laps down
Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati, 11 laps down
– Miguel Oliveira, KTM, 12 laps back
– Alex Marquez, Honda, 13 laps
– Marco Pizzi, Ducati, 16 laps down
– Jack Miller, Ducati, 16 laps back

Combined Mandalika Test Times (Feb 11-13):

1. Paul Espargaro, Honda, 1: 31.060 minutes
2- Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha, 1: 31.074
3. Luca Marini, Ducati, 1: 31.289
4. Alex Espargaro, Aprilia, 1: 31.385
5. Franco Morbidelli, Yamaha, 1: 31.416
6. Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati, 1: 31.436
7. Alex Raines, Suzuki, 1: 31.477
8. Maverick Vinales, Aprilia, 1: 31.478
9. Marc Marquez, Honda, 1: 31.481
10.Johann Zarco, Ducati, 1:31.488
11 Brad Bender, KTM, 1: 31.574.2007
12. Joanne Meyer, Suzuki, 1: 31.586
13. Enea Bastianini, Ducati, 1: 31.599
14. Alex Marquez, Honda, 1: 31.603
15- Miguel Oliveira, KTM, 1: 31.620
16. Georgie Martin, Ducati 1: 31.665
17. Takaaki Nakagami, Honda, 1: 31.687
18. Jack Miller, Ducati, 1: 31.870
19. Andrea Dovizioso, Yamaha, 1: 31.890
20. Marco Pizzi, Ducati, 1: 31.901
21. Fabio di Gianantonio, Ducati, 1: 31.915
22. Raul Fernandez, KTM, 1: 32.401
23 – Remy Gardner KTM 1:32.598.1
24. Darryn Binder, Yamaha, 1: 33.049

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