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The country’s leaders have accused the Traffic Lights Alliance of acting alone on the issue of managing the coronavirus. BW Premier Winfried Kretschmann also found clear words.

Across party lines, federal states accused the federal government of acting irresponsibly alone on coronavirus policy at the Prime Ministers Conference on Thursday. According to reports, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (the Green Party), whose party shares power in the federal government, has been particularly vocal in criticizing the traffic lights government. According to those involved in the switch, “there was no such way of dealing with states.” He imagines good and confident cooperation differently.


In fact, many Corona measures across the country should be canceled from Sunday – but BW has decided against it for now. Existing rules should remain in place as much as possible.

Kretschmann criticizes dealings with states

Specifically, Kretschmann and other countries are alarmed by the fact that the federal government has canceled large-scale preventive measures against the epidemic this weekend with the new Corona management law.

In the run-up to the conference, Kretschmann repeatedly criticized that federal states lack the tools due to the new federal coronavirus law to be able to continue fighting the pandemic. The state of Baden-Württemberg wanted to register dissatisfaction with the federal government’s plans with several states in a protocol statement on Thursday. According to those involved in the switch, “there was no such way of dealing with states.” He imagines good and confident cooperation differently. We’ve worked well together so far for over two years. “There are no logical reasons for the federal government to disintegrate in this way,” the prime minister continued.

Criticisms also from other heads of state

The new federal law to manage Corona has also come under heavy criticism from other countries. Hessian Premier Volker Bouvier (CDU) expressed similar alarm: “There was no cooperation with states.” In addition to the Thuringian Prime Minister, Bodo Ramelow (left), the federal states led by the SPD were also crucial. “I understand very well the frustration of my colleagues,” said Malu Dreyer (SPD), prime minister of the Rhineland-Palatinate. The procedure is contrary to the recommendations of the Assembly of Experts and is wrong.

Anger over the new federal Corona management law

The Bundestag is due to pass the new coronavirus management law on Friday. The federal government wants to eliminate the obligation to wear masks in many areas of daily life. This should only apply in nursing homes, clinics and local transportation. States are particularly critical of this. According to the planned law, stricter infection protection measures within federal states also require a “concrete risk” from the coronavirus pandemic. Federal states consider this concept difficult to prove.

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The state of Baden-Württemberg wants to expand the protection rules

The federal government bill provides for a transition period until April 2, during which federal states want to extend their protection rules. The state of Baden-Württemberg also wants to take advantage of this.

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Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Strobel (CDU) criticized this week that the federal government was dealing with a careless policy towards Corona. “Autopilot is off and the two are sitting in the back of the plane, being held hostage.” The federal government will leave the states completely alone. Strobel described this as highly irresponsible.

In the coming days, the government of Baden-Württemberg wants to issue a new regulation on Corona, which should then apply for at least the next two weeks.

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