950 Years of Hademare: Hemer has a lot to offer for next week’s anniversary

Himmer celebrates the city’s anniversary. Start next Friday. Until May 15, a separate day will be devoted to the coexistence of Himeran and a colorful program will be drawn up for all generations.

Whether it is the “cradle of the wire industry”, the “global player in the fixture industry” or innovative companies with electric carts – Hemer’s industry and economy is simply powerful and unique. That’s why the slogan for Monday, May 9th is: HEMERINWALK.

The cohesive networks of the Hemer Business Initiative, Sauerland Park and the Hemer Business Development Department make an interesting presentation for the city’s anniversary. Company visits advanced. Interested parties can find out which companies offer Economy Day tours at https://www.hemer.de/leben-wohnen/950-years-hademare/tag-der-wirtschaft-montag-9-mai-2022.

The events are free, although the ticket must be booked in advance at the Sauerlandpark ticket shop on Ostenschlahstraße 59 in Hemer. Cards are checked by Hemeran immediately before the start of the round.

Ticket store opening hours: Tuesdays 10am-1pm, Wednesdays-Fridays 10am-1pm and 3pm-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 10am-5pm.

Tuesday the tenth of May a Celebrating the Day of Religions.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the joint religious life in Felsenmeerstadt will be the focus of events and the calendar of events. exactly daily program Those interested can find it at https://www.hemer.de/leben-wohnen/950-jahre-hademare/tag-der-religionen-dienstag-10-mai-2022.

The history of the church in Hemer began even before it was first mentioned in a document of 1072. Next to the last building of Haus Hemer, the Vituskirche was built at the end of the first millennium, which belonged to the Diocese of Cologne and the parish of Minden. However, the angel in Himer sought to establish an independent church, which the bishop realized in 1122 by appointing the Fytuskirch in Niederheimer as a parish church. In the centuries that followed, the church was expanded several times until it accommodated about 200 people. At that time it belonged to the dean’s office in Attendoorn. The name day of the church’s patron saint, Vitus, was celebrated with special reverence. The Vitus exhibition was held regularly until the first half of the twentieth century. The Vitus Church was demolished in 1818 and in 1820 a new Evangelical church was built on Mount Iberg.

Over the long history of Himeran, a great variety of Christian churches of various denominations, groups, societies and religious institutions have arisen from this. Today, these congregations include Hemer Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Ehmert Evangelical Chapel, Deilinghofen Evangelical Chapel, and the Pastoral Association of Catholic Groups at Hemer St. Evangelical Christians – Baptists and Christian Youth Associations (CVJM).

But the religious diversity and life of Heimer is not yet complete. Because in Hummer there are other religions such as Judaism or Islam, which is represented in the city of Filsenmeer by the Turkish Muslim community.

Homeland Day and City History on Wednesday, May 11

Himmer can glimpse a long, eventful history with ups and downs – from the first documentary mention in 1072 to the time when Himmer belonged to the Mark County with its castles (Edelburg, Burg Clausenstein), farming community, mining, and early stages. Industrialization turned into a city in 1936, to the world wars with their grave consequences (Stalag VI A) and to Hemer as we know it today, after the reform of the municipal area in 1975.

All these facts and much more are part of the exciting history of the city, so there is no doubt that it will be addressed in the “Day of the Fatherland and the History of the City”. Thanks to the decades-old commitment of the Hemer Citizens and Homeland Association (BHV; founded 1923), the city’s history can be experienced on Wednesday, May 11. Those interested can find more detailed information about the program at https://www.hemer.de/leben-wohnen/950-years-hademare/tag-der-heimat-und-stadtgeschichte-mittwoch-11-mai-2022.

Nature Day Thursday 12 May

Climate, environment and nature are the much discussed topics nowadays. Whether at school, at work, in our spare time or even during small talk – nature loves to be the center of attention. Not all of us understood that we had to change our behavior and conserve resources. Appreciating and respecting our environment is one of the greatest and most important tasks that accompany us all in daily life.

On the other hand, it is good to know that more than half of the urban area of ​​6,755 hectares is dedicated to forest areas (3,650 hectares). Together they store about 36,500 tons of carbon dioxide. Based on an average car’s CO2 emissions of about 1.5 tons, the Hemer City Forest pegs emissions of more than 24,000 cars annually.

On the other hand, there is a lot to discover and learn about on Nature Day on Thursday 12 May. Practice and learn what sustainability means early on, which is why school children in Himer are also and especially taken into account in the program items for today.

The Energy Transition Learning Experience is a nationwide educational and informational event for schoolchildren in grades 5-10, funded by the German Federal Environment Foundation. As part of an interactive multimedia production, young people are entertainingly attuned to one of the most pressing themes of the future: the gradual transition to renewable energies. At Europaschule am Friedenspark (Comprehensive School), you will fly about 90 minutes with the program on Thursday, 12 May. But students of Woeste-Gymnasium and Hans-Prinzhorn-Realschule will also be able to enjoy it, but for reasons scheduling already on Monday 9 May.

More on events at https://www.hemer.de/leben-wohnen/950-years-hademare/tag-der-natur-donnerstag-12-mai-2022.

Twins Day, Friday 13th May

When the city celebrates an anniversary, well-wishers love to line up. Of course, this also applies to friends from the twin cities of Stenwerk and Beaufort in France, Britten in Baden, Doberlaug-Kirchen in Brandenburg, Oberwilach in Austria and Schelkow in Russia, who digitally congratulate Himmer on the start of the year. .

But due to the epidemic and the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, delegations from every partner city are not expected to arrive in Himer. More at https://www.hemer.de/leben-wohnen/950-years-hademare/tag-der-staedtepartnerschaften-freitag-13-mai-2022.

Volunteer Day Saturday 14 May

Whether it’s a volunteer fire brigade, a gun club, refugee aid, senior citizen work or a gym – volunteering is part of many people’s daily lives and is one of the essential elements of living together in Himer. Volunteers work daily with a great commitment to the people of the city and sacrifice a large part of their free time for the sake of their fellow citizens. This is also the case on Saturday 14 May: various clubs, institutions and voluntary organizations are the focus of events on this day.

Also includes:

Pro Book eV
Citizens Bus Hemer eV
MGV Oese 1883 registered association
ZWAR – Between work and retirement
Tafel Iserlon Hemmer / Caritas E. Fifth
CVJM Hemer eV
KjG St Peter and Paul Hemmer
Corona in the heart and hand
Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe eV, Regional Association of South Westphalia
AWO Senior Center Parkheim Hemer
Scouts Hemer Ring Red Earth
Hemer city church parish may be working
Eat with Hemer eV
Network dementia Hemer eV
Rail Friends Hönnetal eV
“Ritmo Animado” drum set
CI Iserlohn, Hemer, Menden, Balve
Civic Society and Homer
Martin Luther Choir + Music Lovers
Friends of the “Puck” Association – Ice Hockey Museum
Registered German Red Cross Society OV Hemer
Hammer Theater Association Registered
NRW Consumer Center – Energy Consulting
BSV 1896 eV Westig
Phönix eV – Secretary

From 2:30 pm (until 6:30 pm) the Opportunity Market invites you to the Hemer Center. Clubs and organizations will provide information about their work, make contacts and learn about possible honorary positions. Demonstrations on stage at Souk Noir are indispensable, of course. Coordinators from Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger will guide you through the phase programme.

From 8pm it’s party time downtown. Musicians from Heimer’s “limited edition” concert band have almost cult status. There is a musical cross-section of the past six decades of rock and pop history. A very cool concert with elaborate costumes, sophisticated choreography and high entertainment value that you can touch. Michael Jackson, The Blues Brothers, P! NK, ABBA, Lady Gaga, Elvis, Kiss, Falco, Queen, Amy Winehouse, Neue Deutsche Welle, Rocky Horror Picture Show and many more live shows in color for the first time as a club concert to see the stage.

Family Day – Sunday 15 May

In the grand finale of the official 10-year anniversary celebration, not only all Hemer residents should feel addressed and above all invited, but all guests who wish to visit Hemer at their downtown festivals. The city and Sauerland Park are planning a big family festival with art, culture and attractions: a program for all generations with theater art and characters from Autumn Days in Spring.

The event area will be fully used on Main Street, and the Sunday Open Shop invites you to go shopping. More at https://www.hemer.de/leben-wohnen/950-years-hademare/tag-der-familie-15-mai-2022.

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