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The Götz family (right) searches for jewelry and wreaths on the stands of Heidrun Vogelbacher-Kadel (left) and Helge Dörner. © Sabine Neugebauer

Weilrod-Neuweilnau (sng). The weather was not pleasant for exhibitors at the small arts and crafts market on Saturday in Mappesmühle near Neuweilnau. In the rain and hail, the sellers were almost alone until the early afternoon.

Edgar Born from Oberlauken was present at the arts and crafts market for the first time. As a retiree, he has now devoted himself to transformation. During his time as a postman in Wernborn, he came into contact with Woodturning: one of his “customers” would let him look over his shoulder from time to time and “taste the blood,” he said. Since his father was also a carpenter, Bourne had an affinity for wood as a material from an early age. But only now he had time to deal with the matter himself, and took a training course with Peter Goyazda in Werheim. Born also got suggestions and advice from Drechslerforum. He said his first machine was “old-fashioned and life-threatening,” so he quickly put it back and better outfitted himself. And so Bourne introduced bowls made of different woods, boxes that could also be used as animal urns, breakfast trays, and various small items.

He met a good friend of his, Ursula Konder of Fernborn, because she had also set up a pavilion. Konder, which offers a wide range of artistically designed objects under the UKo-Art brand, has presented its latest creation to Mappesmühle. “During the pandemic, I was wonderfully quiet, and no one was able to come in,” I looked back at this creative stage.

in the epidemic creativity blooms

She had previously purchased watercolors, and now she can try it on. “I paint and send a color picture every day,” she said, “because the world needs colours.” Time and time again I got positive feedback in social media. Among other things, a designer calendar was released with other artists: “Crazy all year long with chickens and a rooster.”

Konder also offers creative care for children during the holidays. Over the last Easter weekend, I designed T-shirts with kids on them and made something for Mother’s Day. “I have everything in the house except oil paints,” she smiled, and the kids could choose from so many options. For summer vacation, you want to introduce the theme of batik: “Then the kids can splash around with paint.” She also had some batik models with her over the weekend.

Karin and Detlef Wecke from Weinbach were able to experience the “craze of colours”. They had fashionable jewelry, felt jean and animals on display, but recycling is also their theme. For example, Wecke sews towels, makeup removal pads or diaper liners from old T-shirts and other fabrics, helping to avoid waste. And everything is colorful, as the name “color madness” suggests. But things were also in color at Frankfurt’s Heidrun Vogelbacher-Kadel with its wide range of glass bead jewelry. Helge Dorner brought all kinds of ingredients for dried wreaths from her travels around the world. I designed the floral motif with love for details. Nearby, Jutta Giebel showed off her lucky wooden bouncers, but also funny crocheted animals: little bears, rabbits, but also a leopard.

Crochet animals and dried flowers

Antje Weber-Gläßer started sewing about ten years ago and honed her hobby in order to find something useful to do after her son died of leukemia. Together with her husband, Michael Glaser, she made clothes for infants and children that she sewed.

Rudi Dietrich had traveled from Biskirkchen, recently famous to the village of Dolly, and made his modern wood carvings. Exhibitors were hoping for better, or at least dry, weather for Sunday, so that more interested people could make their way to Mappesmühle.

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