54 apartments built: a luxury holiday complex in Bad Saarow celebrates its premiere

54 apartments will be built

The luxury holiday complex in Bad Saarow celebrates the opening ceremony

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Bad Saarow just got a little more luxurious. A ceremony honoring the holiday home complex on the western shore of Lake Charmutzel has now been celebrated. 54 luxury apartments were built. Most have already been sold.

Living with a view of the lake, only an hour’s drive from Berlin and the beach is at hand: a luxury holiday home complex is being built in Bad Saarow (Oder-Spree) under the name Marina Apartments. Five cube-shaped buildings will be erected on an area of ​​approximately 14,000 square meters on the western shore of the lake. The coronation ceremony was held last Friday.

7000 euros per square meter

A total of 54 luxury apartments available from 50 to 230 sq.m. – or available. Because despite the high price per square meter of 7,000 euros, all but eight of the apartments have already been purchased. A four-room penthouse and a rooftop terrace can cost more than two million euros. But the demand seems great.

“Indeed, Corona has given the entire domestic entertainment development a whole new delay,” said company spokeswoman Alexandra von Stosch of Berlin group Artprojekt. But there is another reason to rush into the Marina apartments.

“We found that there are really no architectural icons around Berlin,” von Stosch said on the sidelines of the coronation ceremony. That’s why the developer wants to “start” with apartments to build such tokens. The company was able to win over star British architect Sir David Chipperfield, who designed the complex. Despite the modern style, the buildings should blend in with the old pine forests right on the lake with plenty of wood in the facade.

However, according to von Storch, they don’t want to have a two-tier community, “but together we want to develop the place in terms of quality.”

Retreat for the wealthy

Bad Saarow in picturesque Scharmutzelsee has long been considered one of the pearls of Brandenburg. In the 1920s and 1930s, and also during the GDR era, villas and properties on the lake were very popular with the wealthy and party-goers. This is still reflected in land and real estate prices in the community of 6000 people.

The community hopes to get an upgrade with the Marina Apartments. One of the conditions that the investor had to meet was to completely renovate the historic Neptun-Bad and reopen it as a public room. A five-star hotel will be built right next to it.

“There will definitely be a qualitative change,” said von Stosch. She assumes that restaurants will also adapt to new, financially strong neighbors: “Of course, restaurants will benefit from the fact that someone likes to spend money on good food.” A development not everyone is happy with.

Locals are partially skeptical

“I think this is exaggerated. In a way only for the rich and the beautiful,” said Jürgen Schneidrit of Bad Saarow, for example. He fears the area will be cut short – at least for the locals. “This is always the big risk when so much is built privately that public access simply disappears,” said another passerby, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The investor contradicts this: “We know the need to think about everyone,” said von Stosch. In addition to the lido, the beach path must also be public. According to a company spokeswoman, the project will not “begin the great optimization.”

How Bad Saarow will be developed after the opening of the Marina Apartments remains to be seen. The first residents are expected to move in the spring of 2023. Completion is scheduled for 2024.

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