8 signs that a relationship is over

Disagreements or misunderstandings occur in any relationship. Therefore, not every argument is a reason for a breakup, because a healthy culture of argumentation must also occur and can even be welded together. And it’s not just about disagreements and arguments: the basic way we treat each other says a lot about the happy state in a relationship. If things don’t work that way anymore, how do you know if it’s just a slump or if you’d better go your separate ways? We reveal it here!

8 signs that a relationship is over

1. One comes less and less to the common denominator

No matter how long you’ve been together, you can’t always agree. This is certain. But if there is almost nothing that connects you as a couple, then the relationship is usually past its peak. Sure, there’s still a certain basis of similarities so you know what you (still) stand for together as a couple.

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2. There is a growing apathy

You don’t care what your partner says or does? This is not a good sign, because indifference is the beginning of the end. Once the interest in the other person wears off, it’s hard to get them back. You’re past the stage of fighting for a relationship and love has already fallen by the wayside.

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3. Unacceptable behavior

Sometimes couples who still love each other break up. But one did or said things that were unforgivable to the other and did not allow repetition (anymore). The importance of consistency should never be underestimated because for most of us there comes a point in a relationship where it ends. Pushing this point (over and over again) is not a good idea. At some point, the partner had had enough and acted on the announcement of the separation.

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4. Divide one from the other

When you get to this point, you are living like a brother and sister in a shared apartment. You go your separate ways and hardly argue: you are no longer involved in the other person’s life. Many couples stay together because of children or financial obligations, such as a home. They often both have an on-going relationship because they no longer share a bed. If you feel that you still have feelings for the other person deep down, you should couples therapy, or else the relationship is over.

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5. New partners in the game

Ejaculation turned into an affair and an affair into an affair? Then a new partner’s decision is usually made which is a sure sign of the end of the relationship. But there is little hope, because couples who have been together for a long time sometimes find each other again through these detours. Of course, this depends on each case and whether or not there is still a deep inner desire for reconciliation.

6. Keeps Cheating

Now you might say that there are partners who cheat on you over and over again, but they still love you. Hollywood-style love, if you think of famous actors like the late Sean Connery: He’s always called his wife the love of his life, but he’s also been said to have countless female stories. What is certain is that such behavior is the height of disrespect, because he wants sexy sex with other women and a safe haven at home at the same time. He can definitely live with that! But these couples not only separated physically, but often became emotionally separated. The chance of everything going back to the beginning is very bad. Only one thing helps: acceptance or separation!

7. You no longer share a bed with each other

Now some will say they don’t because their partner snores. Of course there is. But if you’d rather go to bed without the other and don’t want to cuddle each other anymore, something is surely going wrong. Not liking your partner physically anymore and not wanting to be with you physically is no small feat, but it indicates a calm relationship.

8. He plans without you

Whether it’s weekends or holidays – is your partner now planning trips or trips without you? Basically, but also in a difficult stage, it can benefit any relationship if you do something with your friends separately from each other. As you know, longing comes when you are at a distance. However, if there is no longer any interest in joint ventures in general, this is not a good sign – and clarification is needed.

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