Climate protection transparency: Studiosus publishes a CO2 footprint on all flights

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Studiosus continues to advance in climate protection and publishes its CO2 footprint in its travel catalogs. For the first time, this applies to the “Inspirations 2022” catalog, which will be published on May 6 and will feature 45 well-booked flights to more than 25 countries around the world. But CO2 emissions are also mentioned in the kultimer event travel catalog, which will be launched at the end of June, as well as in all catalogs of the 2023 season that will be published in the fall.

Managing Director Peter Mario Kopsch: “With our full compensation, we’ve already taken a big step in protecting the climate. Now we want to take it another step, because transparency is key when it comes to sustainability.” Resolution wallpaper DRV . Climate Protection Initiativewhich explicitly calls on players in the travel industry to publish emissions for all travel offerings.

Customers can compare access types for climate effectiveness

For example, an eight-day bus trip to Loire in France generates 383 kg of CO2-eq, while an eight-day tour of Jordan with a trip brings up 1.53 tonnes of CO2-eq. In many destinations in Europe, Studiosus also advertises rail travel as an alternative to air travel. In these cases, clients can compare the types of access in terms of climate impact and incorporate this into their decision. The following example shows what that means in concrete terms: Studiosus’ eight-day trip to Italy “Tuscany – Highlights” results in 696 kg of CO2-eq by plane, while train travel results in only 383 kg of CO2-eq.

Full compensation through investments in climate protection projects

When it comes to climate protection, the principle applies: avoid and reduce before compensation. So Studiosus plans all trips in such a way that unnecessary bus trips are avoided and flights are made within the country only if the alternatives do not make sense. Carbon dioxide emissions should also be avoided by offering non-stop flights and a first class “Rail & Fly” ticket included in the airfare.

However, of course, there are inevitable CO2 emissions when traveling. In addition to bus, train and boat trips, Studiosus has also offset flights to and from the destination area and hotel accommodations including meals since 2021. To do this, the organizer converts the resulting greenhouse gas emissions into cash value and funds the construction of biogas plants in Nepal with the amount specified. For the calculation, Studiosus takes into account not only carbon dioxide emissions but also other related greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Their impact on the climate is converted into CO2 emissions (CO2 equivalent or CO2e) and offset accordingly. Internet:

More information

Information on all Studiosus and Marco Polo excursions is available from travel agencies or from the Studiosus service center at the toll-free number 00800 – 2402 2402 (from Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Studiosus’ holistic safety and hygiene concept is available here:

Sustainably committed: Studiosus group of companies

Studiosus is the leading provider of study tours in Europe. The high level of customer satisfaction, excellent tour guides and continuous innovations ensure that Studiosus is the market leader. In addition to quality and innovation, safety when traveling and sustainability are important components of the company’s philosophy. Studiosus understands sustainability as enabling its guests to learn about foreign countries and cultures in an environmentally justified and socially responsible manner. For example, Studiosus is a founding member of the Human Rights in Tourism Roundtable and is involved in climate protection. In addition to bus, train and boat trips in the target areas, the Studiosus Group is also working to offset all flights and hotel accommodations, including meals, since 2021 by investing in climate protection projects. The Marco Polo brand of tour operators, which is positioned in the segment of the cheapest round trip, belongs to the Studiosus Group. Web:

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