Discussion about visiting Kyiv: If no one travels

Status: 03.05.2022 1:20 pm

Chancellor Scholz remains – there is no flight to Kyiv at the moment. The Ukrainian ambassador calls it “discontented liver”. On the other hand, the CDU leader, Merz, is already on the move – accused of engaging in party politics.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Ministers Anthony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are all from the USA. And this is just a small group of senior politicians who have visited the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, in recent weeks. and Germany?

Chancellor Olaf Schultz continues to refuse to travel to Kyiv and in an interview with ZDF he justifies his brilliant work with a “very remarkable event” – the failure to invite Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier by Ukraine in mid-April.

He did not contradict when ZDF deputy editor-in-chief Bettina Skitern, interviewing him, noted that one might have heard from this that “the president should come first, and then probably move towards Kyiv.”

Powered by Strack-Zimmermann

Support for such a possible course comes from Defense Committee Chair Mary Agnes Strack Zimmermann. The FDP politician has publicly criticized Schultz for his reluctance to hand over heavy weapons, but now he expresses understanding to the chancellor. And asked the Ukrainian ambassador Andrei Melnik to apologize to the Federal President.

She told Funk Media Group newspapers that Ukraine had not invited Frank-Walter Steinmeier and could not wait for Chancellor Schulz to travel to Kyiv. “Perhaps, Mr. Melnik, one should simply apologize to the President and then politely invite the Chancellor to attend.”

Scholz von Strack-Zimmermann backed: “Perhaps, dear Mr. Melnyk, you only apologize to the President and then politely invite the Chancellor to attend.”

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Ambassador of Ukraine: “Scholes plays the role of a humiliating liver”

But for now, the Ukrainian ambassador is not looking for oral disarmament. After the ZDF interview, Melnyk sharply criticized Scholz’s introductory refusal for a trip to Kyiv: “Playing rickety liver sausage doesn’t sound like a statesman,” Melnyk said. “It’s about the most brutal war of extermination since the Nazi attack on Ukraine, it’s not a kindergarten.”

The clear criticism of Schultz also comes from the European Union Parliament. The leader of the conservative European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, does not understand that the chancellor still does not want to travel to Kyiv: “What should Ukrainians do now? Should they apologize for not inviting the federal president?” CSU – Politicians said in an interview with Bavarian Radio.

Weber continued that the Ukrainians were “in a struggle for survival,” and demanded Schultz, “So he swallowed it now once a decision was made, which was also recognized as not being ideal, and showed solidarity.”

Find food for the opposition

And what about the opposition? For them, Schultz’s stance, seen as somewhat hesitant, is a godsend: CDU leader Friedrich Merz is now on his way to Kyiv. “We have a pleasant journey ahead and so far all I can say is: Everything is safe, everything is good and the Ukrainian authorities are very cooperative. Very good people. It is good to be in this country,” he said in a tweet from the train.

Not resisting digging in advance, he also recommended Olaf Schulz for leadership: “Of course I will report back to the federal government in detail after my trip,” he said at a joint news conference with CSU President Marcus Soder and North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Hendrik Fust — who is in the middle of the state’s election campaign.

According to the president of the Junge Federation, Tilman Kuban, Merz is taking on the task of chancellor on his trip to Kyiv: “Schulz and his ministers could have gone to Kyiv for weeks and thus sent a signal of solidarity. Now Merz has done the Rheinische Post,” Kuban told Funke. Mediengruppe: “In this war, the SPD has always acted only after popular pressure.”

Political party equilibrium law

But the Federation’s approach is a tightrope walk. After all, there is an unwritten law that states that times of crisis should not be exploited in partisan politics because of the political responsibility of the state. On the contrary, the Federation and the SPD attacked each other fiercely during the Bundestag debate on the delivery of heavy weapons.

And yet there are warning voices: The chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael Roth, has warned against embarking on such a trip for partisan political reasons. It is good that German politicians also travel to Ukraine,” the SPD politician told the German Liberation Network:

But they must have good reasons for doing so. The bad reason is that you take an internal conflict to Ukraine and want to make a name for yourself there in party politics. This does not fit with the drama of the war.

“It’s about solidarity, not campaigning.”

CDU Secretary General Mario Zaga does not want to accept this accusation. stressed in Deutschland FunkNow is an important time to show solidarity and support for Ukraine. This has nothing to do with the upcoming state elections in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia.

And Schulz? He said in an interview with ZDF that the fact that Merz traveled to Kyiv does not bother him. The CDU president informed him of his plan: “And then we’ll also talk about what he’s going to tell me. Anything else wouldn’t be good deals.”

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