Financial support for childcare in the company

Oo. Where do we go with the kids during the long summer vacation? Upper Austria helps working parents can relax and look forward to their holidays. Companies receive financial support for childcare during the summer and autumn holidays from the State of Upper Austria, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and KOMPASS, the competence center for parental leave and occupations. can reach Requests. Municipalities and legal entities were also asked to shorten vacation periods if necessary.

In order to be able to count on all employees, companies are increasingly willing to provide company childcare during the holidays. This year, the State of Upper Austria, together with the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce and KOMPASS, is once again supporting all Upper Austrian companies that provide childcare in the summer or fall. Last year, 94 companies in Upper Austria and 1,295 children and their parents benefited from this model.

Companies can apply for financial support for one week of childcare during the summer vacation and another week during the fall vacation. The amount of support is up to a maximum of 1,400 euros per company. Companies can find the exact conditions to participate

Parents and businesses benefit

“We in the state pursue one goal, Upper Austria as a land of opportunity – from day one. For our children. For their parents. That is why we work to provide the best care for our little ones. Even during the holidays, working parents need a way to know that their children are in good hands.” By taking care of the company’s children, we support parents who are interested in taking care of their children during the holidays on the one hand, and companies on the other hand in designing a good range of childcare. That is why we are supporting the company’s childcare offered by KOMPASS again this year,” explains the Education Officer and LH Deputy Christine Haberlander.

million euros for the summer sponsorship offer

Because of the special circumstances caused by Corona, municipalities and legal entities were asked again this year to inquire about the need for care during the summer vacation and, if necessary, shorten vacation periods. In addition to the state contribution already guaranteed under the Corona Act, municipalities and legal entities that do so receive a financial incentive of up to 500 euros per group and week, which also remains open in the summer.

“The state contribution is an annual contribution, and this was deliberately secured by the Corona Act in order to give municipalities and private legal entities financial security, even if, for example, groups had to close because of Corona. In order to lend a helping hand to communities when hours were needed. With additional work, we save a total of 1 million euros from the Upper Austria plan”, explains Haberlander.

As an alternative, there is also the option of running a seasonal business, which is also funded by the Ministry of Education and the State of Upper Austria, where about 300,000 euros are invested in attractive educational options and childcare during the holidays. “We also want to make sure that children from the entire population of Upper Austria receive quality care by supporting seasonal children’s education and childcare facilities,” emphasizes the education official.

Upper Austria does not let down companies and families

“Many factors determine the success of the site. One very important thing is the compatibility between family and work, because we cannot and do not want to do without the skills and competencies of parents and women. That is why the business department is again supporting the summer support of the company this year. Everyone benefits from this Children, parents, businesses and our site,” Economy Minister Markus Achleitner stated with conviction.

“Caring for the company’s children in the summer months is a huge relief for working mothers, families and businesses,” adds Margit Engerlehner, WKOÖ Vice President and Head of State for Women Entrepreneurs. “The entire economy benefits from family friendship in companies. Valuable knowledge remains in the company, employees build closer relationships with the company and other companies are motivated to live in harmony between family and job.

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