How do Cancer and Cancer go together in a relationship?

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How do Cancer and Cancer go together in a relationship?

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Cancer and Cancer in a relationship: With twins, it’s a bit like looking in the mirror. The only question is: Do you like what you see?

You are sensitive, you have a lot of empathy, and sometimes you react moody. Are two crabs particularly okay?

Cancer is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac – no one has the same amount of empathy as this water sign. Of course, there is another side to this coin: Cancers are a bit sensitive and take a lot on a personal level. Your character should understand that, right? We explain whether Cancer and Cancer in Relationships match well.

The relationship between cancer and cancer: the play compatibility check

The ruler of the sign of Cancer is the Moon, which goes through different phases during the month: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Anyone with a bit of knowledge in astrology also knows that the moon changes every two and a half days.

Cancer goes through their moods in a similar changing way. Whether the water sign is in a gentle mood and recognizes the fairy prince or fairy princess when he or she stands before him or her depends on what the day is like. If the crabs find each other and get close, a comfortable atmosphere will be created in which both of them will feel safe – which is what they both look for in a relationship.

Even in bed, both quickly agree: there is plenty of cuddling, you can take your time and there are no limits to your imagination. However, mood swings make them feel too and there are times when Cancer simply doesn’t. How good it is that they both understand!

When one thing leads to another, you must be prepared and know both your erogenous zones and your heart zones:

compatible relationship? Cancer-Gemini pair in matching check

Does this delicate romance have what it takes to become a long-term relationship? Everyone knows about each other’s passionate fun and can show understanding. Frontal attack is not for tender crabs. In this multiplier, the accusations are quietly voiced and have something of a blackmail. The motto appears to be: “From the back through the chest to the eye.”

While other signs of the zodiac may need to get over it and confront it with a partner, Cancers are very grateful when things are calm and meditative in a marital relationship. After all, he has enough to make an emotional mess of his own.

Conclusion: Cancer and Cancer in Relationships – Pay attention to this

Cancer and Cancer can do well if the outside conditions are right. Both need security and a stable environment. It gets tricky when it really comes down to the conflict, because they both want to avoid it. If both are aware of this weakness, useful strategies can be developed here.

They both create a home together, which is also a retreat from the noisy world out there and here living in their own world.

So that everyday life does not become too monotonous and they do not isolate each other too much, two Cancers are recommended to have a (common) hobby, since they have to leave the shelter. Traveling together also brings a breath of fresh air to the relationship. If there are no other constellations in the horoscope to the contrary, then they are engrossed in starting a family.


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